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A year of leaps: 2019 was historic for prostate cancer research

6 Dec 2019

The last year saw the announcement of the world’s first precision medicine for prostate cancer and huge progress towards the development of a home urine test. Just some of the things that made 2019 one of the most innovative years in prostate cancer research history.

This professor is training the immune system to fight prostate cancer

7 Nov 2019

Professor Helen McCarthy is developing an exciting new treatment that trains the body’s own immune response to target and kill prostate cancer cells.

Bernie would be thrilled to know he’s part of raising £1 million this Christmas.

7 Nov 2019

Sue McDermott talks about her husband Bernie's commitment to new research, and how Christmas is different without him around.

Reprogramming rogue immune cells to fight prostate cancer

9 Oct 2018

As part of our Research Innovation Awards, we’re funding Professor Claire Lewis at the University of Sheffield to see if it's possible to train men’s own immune systems to fight back at prostate cancer and prevent it from returning. She explains the fascinating 'Trojan horse' science behind this new example of Immunotherapy research.

Early research shows immunotherapy's potential for one type of aggressive prostate cancer

4 Sep 2018

The Institute of Cancer Research has discovered a genetic mutation in samples of some men's tumours that could make them particularly susceptible to immunotherapy treatment. The researchers are now committed to running clinical trials to prove if their theory is right.

Immune cells breakthrough raises hopes for delaying treatment resistance

27 Jun 2018

Preventing resistance to hormone therapy is a key goal for researchers trying to improve prostate cancer treatment. Now, research funded by us – thanks to your donations – has revealed that the immune system could have a part to play.

New type of immune treatment shows early promise for advanced prostate cancer

5 Jun 2018

An early-stage trial of the immunotherapy drug, pembrolizumab, has proven it to be effective for a small number of men with incurable disease. We take a closer a look at how it works and what we're doing to bring the benefits of immunotherapy to many more men with prostate cancer.

Can we harness the body’s own defence force to fight prostate cancer behind enemy lines?

19 Mar 2015

BLOG: In 2013, the prestigious Science magazine nominated cancer immunotherapy as their ‘breakthrough of the year’. This came after positive results from clinical trials in skin cancer and leukemia patients showed its potential as a completely new way to treat cancer. Sophie Lutter investigates and asks if immunotherapy has a future as a way of treating prostate cancer.

Cancer immunotherapy: like property or the best trends in fashion, we invested early. Now it’s one of the hottest topics in cancer research.

19 Mar 2015

BLOG: Sophie Lutter follows up our feature on immunotherapy, an exciting new area of cancer research, with a run down of the research we're supporting into immunotherapy for prostate cancer.