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What a difference a year in research makes

29 Dec 2016

BLOG: We're only 12 months into our ten-year strategy to tame prostate cancer, but that doesn't mean we haven't already made exciting progress. Our resident expert, Dr Ian Le Guillou, gives us his top ten biggest research breakthroughs (in no particular order) from 2016.

Can we harness the body’s own defence force to fight prostate cancer behind enemy lines?

19 Mar 2015

BLOG: In 2013, the prestigious Science magazine nominated cancer immunotherapy as their ‘breakthrough of the year’. This came after positive results from clinical trials in skin cancer and leukemia patients showed its potential as a completely new way to treat cancer. Sophie Lutter investigates and asks if immunotherapy has a future as a way of treating prostate cancer.

Cancer immunotherapy: like property or the best trends in fashion, we invested early. Now it’s one of the hottest topics in cancer research.

19 Mar 2015

BLOG: Sophie Lutter follows up our feature on immunotherapy, an exciting new area of cancer research, with a run down of the research we're supporting into immunotherapy for prostate cancer.