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NICE decision on abiraterone could take away best hope for some men with incurable disease

6 Jun 2018

BLOG: Abiraterone should continue to be available on the NHS and opened up to all men with newly diagnosed advanced prostated cancer, argues our policy manager Tim Windle, as the UK’s drug guidelines body is set to rule on the future of the treatment.

Study finds early docetaxel and abiraterone equally effective

8 Sep 2017

Prostate Cancer UK welcomes new data from the STAMPEDE trial that clarifies there is no difference in the benefits offered by both treatments for men newly diagnosed with advanced disease, but now we want the option of earlier abiraterone made available to all men.

Campaign cuts through red tape to get men with prostate cancer in Wales access to benefits of earlier chemotherapy

15 Aug 2016

Eligible men in Wales with newly diagnosed advanced prostate cancer will now be offered earlier access to docetaxel chemotherapy alongside hormone therapy. Combining these treatments has been shown to offer these men the possibility of an extra fifteen months of life on average.

NICE set to say no to enzalutamide without chemotherapy

11 Jun 2015

It’s not been a good week for men. Hot on the heels of two other disappointing decisions), NICE (the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence) has just announced their intention not to make enzalutamide routinely available to men with advanced prostate cancer who haven’t had chemotherapy.

Positive results from two new studies of abiraterone for men who haven’t had chemotherapy

17 Feb 2015

Scientists have published new research which adds to the evidence that giving abiraterone before chemotherapy benefits men. (This came in the same week the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) announced their decision not to make abiraterone available on the NHS in Scotland for men who haven’t had chemotherapy.) Read about the promising results of these two research projects, including one which could identify men who would benefit most from the drug.

NICE urged to see sense and remove cruel enzalutamide restrictions

19 Mar 2014

Today 19 March 2014, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is holding its final committee meeting to appraise advanced prostate cancer drug enzalutamide for use on the NHS in England and Wales for men who have already had chemotherapy. Since January Prostate Cancer UK has been spearheading a campaign against proposed restrictions in access to the life-extending treatment which have sparked outrage among thousands affected by the disease across the country.

NICE draft decision on enzalutamide a ‘blatant u-turn’ say Prostate Cancer UK

28 Jan 2014

Enzalutamide, a new life extending prostate cancer drug, may be made available on the NHS. However it may only be made available to men who have not been given the only other available drug for men with advanced prostate cancer who have stopped responding to hormone therapy or chemotherapy.

NICE decision on enzalutamide limits options for men with advanced prostate cancer

28 Jan 2014

In October we reported the good news that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) had provisionally approved enzalutamide, a life-extending cancer drug, for men with advanced prostate cancer who have stopped responding to hormone therapy and chemotherapy. However, today NICE has revised that draft decision, and says that enzalutamide should only be made available post chemotherapy to those men who haven’t already been treated with abiraterone – the only other available treatment for men at this stage of the disease.