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Discovery of ‘metastatic signature’ raises hopes of early identification of lethal disease

29 Sep 2017

Deciding whether 'to treat or not to treat' localised prostate cancer is one of the biggest dilemmas for men and their doctors. Now new research from one of our Centres of Excellence could help identify which cancers are likely to spread and which are harmless.

Research centre attracts royal interest as groundbreaking trials continue to deliver

22 Sep 2017

The Duchess of Gloucester met with researchers and clinical triallists on a royal visit to our Belfast-Manchester Movember Centre of Excellence, where attempts to find new ways to tackle advanced prostate cancer are already showing exciting early results.

Two new research grants hope to make liquid biopsies a clinical reality

17 Aug 2016

Two research projects, using cutting-edge liquid biopsy technology to help improve diagnosis and treatment of men with prostate cancer, have been awarded funds by Prostate Cancer UK with the hope they'll used with real patients in the near future.

How liquid biopsies are helping us read the ‘crime scene’ of prostate cancer

17 Aug 2016

BLOG: With our new grants for research into the uses of liquid biopsies, Dr Sophie Lutter explains why they allow scientists to read clues about how a prostate cancer responds to treatment, and how they could revolutionise the way men are diagnosed and monitored with the disease.

Prostate cancer researchers take on barking-mad fundraising walk

6 May 2016

Twelve scientists from our Manchester Centre of Excellence hope to enter the Ancient Order of Barking Dogs after completing the 43-mile Keswick 2 Barrow Walk this week. Their team leader and a three-time veteran of the event, Darren Roberts, tells us why they’re doing it.

Five new PhD students sign for Men United

1 Sep 2015

As the football transfer window closes, we announce our £500k of new signings joining teams fighting prostate cancer in labs around the UK.

Movember Centres of Excellence: changing the face of men's health

13 Feb 2014

It is an exciting time for Prostate Cancer UK and Movember, and an important step forward for men’s health, as we announce the opening of the UK’s first ever Centres of Excellence in prostate cancer research.