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New NICE guidelines should make high-tech scans and treatment advances standard on NHS

12 Dec 2018

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recommended pre-biopsy mpMRI scans and a host of other improvements to diagnosis and treatments for prostate cancer become standard NHS practice across the UK. While we back the proposals, we're calling for enough scanners and trained staff to deliver them.

How we're making exercise a lifesaver for every man with prostate cancer

6 Jan 2016

A new trial looking at the effects of exercise on prostate cancer complements a host of our own research into the best healthy lifestyle for men after diagnosis.

True NTH - a global revolution for men with prostate cancer

30 Sep 2014

The Movember Foundation has announced the largest ever global investment to improve life for men with prostate cancer. The project, named True NTH, will develop and perfect programmes of care that can be shared around the world and recreated so all men can benefit from the best ideas. And we're leading the way in the UK.