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29,000 voices backed our petition, but the NHS is still going ahead with their proposed plans

31 Mar 2017

We handed in our ‘Don’t delay funding for vital new drugs and treatments’ petition to NHS England, to urge them to reconsider plans for a new spending cap on treatments. We received an incredible 29,006 signatures, but unfortunately the outcome wasn’t what we hoped for.

‘Unacceptable’ NHS cost cap threatens next generation of prostate cancer treatments

14 Mar 2017

Thousands of men could be delayed or denied life-saving new drugs under plans to cap spending by NHS England, prompting "serious concern" and an online petition from leading health and care charities.

Putting patients first doesn’t mean the NHS has to sign a blank cheque

4 Oct 2016

BLOG: A win-win situation is possible for both a cash-strapped NHS and expensive pharmaceutical companies, argues our chief executive, Angela Culhane, who recently addressed an influential forum of health experts at Westminster. The key is to transform earlier detection and treatment of prostate cancer before more expensive drugs even become necessary.

Cancer Drugs Fund reforms aim to give patients faster access to new treatments but underlying problems remain

29 Jul 2016

After months of consultation and negotiation, the proposed changes to the Cancer Drugs Fund come into effect. But do they go far enough for men with prostate cancer?

Consultation closes on CDF reforms: it glitters but is it gold?

11 Feb 2016

NHS England today closes its consultation on their proposals for a revised Cancer Drugs Fund. We submitted our joint response with Tackle, having first asked you for your verdict. Here’s what we said and just a few of your views that helped form it.

Cancer Drugs Fund reform: back to the future?

11 Feb 2016

BLOG: Our Director of Support and Influencing, Heather Blake, explains why NHS England's proposed reforms to the Cancer Drugs Fund put them in a financial standoff with Big Pharma, while men with prostate cancer are caught in the middle.

Responding to Cancer Drugs Fund reforms: we need your views

12 Jan 2016

We want to make sure that our response to proposed changes in cancer drug access under NHS England reflects what you think, so we'd like you to share your views in our short survey.

Cabazitaxel reappears on the Cancer Drugs Fund

29 May 2015

BLOG: The advanced prostate cancer drug was removed from the Fund but has been added back to it during a NICE reappraisal.

Removing access to cancer drugs - why the lack of transparency?

13 Mar 2015

BLOG: What happened to "No decision about me without me", asks CEO Owen Sharp.

Cancer Drugs Fund delisting of prostate cancer drug cabazitxel takes effect today

12 Mar 2015

Earlier this year, NHS England announced that they would be removing several drugs, including the prostate cancer treatment cabazitaxel, from the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF). That decision comes into effect today, which means that new patients will no longer be able to access this treatment via the CDF.