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West Indies cricketing legend reveals how he lost his brother to prostate cancer

7 Sep 2017

In the same week we uncovered GPs' shocking lack of knowledge about black men's increased risk, Michael Holding, former West Indies fast bowler, told cricket fans how prostate cancer has affected his family and called on black men to face their risk head on.

Shock survey reveals half of UK GPs are ‘drastically’ unaware of black men’s increased risk

5 Sep 2017

Courtney Pine, Gladstone Small and Paul Barber are the latest black celebrities to join our Stronger Knowing More campaign, after our worrying new poll raises fears of a fatal lack of awareness among doctors and patients about black men's higher risk of prostate cancer.

Linford Christie: "Beating prostate cancer is a marathon, not a sprint"

4 Aug 2017

As the IAAF World Championships kicks off in London this weekend, legendary sprinter Linford Christie – one of the famous faces fronting our Stronger Knowing More campaign – tells us about his career-defining moment 25 years ago when he clinched Olympic gold, and how he's helping to raise awareness of black men's increased risk of prostate cancer.

Celebrities bring show of strength and awareness to Birmingham festival

19 Jul 2017

Footballers Viv Anderson, Matt Murray and Joleon Lescott are among the famous names who have donated prized possessions that inspire strength to our Stronger Knowing More exhibition at the Simmer Down Festival this weekend, raising awareness of black men's increased risk of prostate cancer and the need to get talking about it.

Dennis Morris: Marley and me

11 May 2017

Long before photographer Dennis Morris shot our Stronger Knowing More billboard campaign, it was his images of Bob Marley that helped launch his career and became iconic across the world. On the 36th anniversary of the reggae star's death, Dennis describes how they met in 1974 and what made him so special to work with.

Famous faces front taboo-busting billboard campaign urging black men to know their risk

16 Jan 2017

Boxer David Haye, Chuka Umunna MP and Olympic medallist Linford Christie are among the black celebrities leading the charge in a major new awareness drive by Prostate Cancer UK to alert black men about their increased risk of the most common cancer in men.

Chuka Umunna MP calls on black men to 'wise up' about their higher risk of prostate cancer

21 Jul 2016

The Labour MP for Streatham pledges his support to Prostate Cancer UK to help raise awareness among black men, who have double the risk of white men of developing the disease, as we continue to fund research into why this ethnic discrepancy exists.

"My dad never got the chance to meet his granddaughter"

18 May 2016

Before his death from prostate cancer, Phil Griffith's dad encouraged all five of his sons to get a PSA test. Now with a young son of his own to worry about, Phil wants no black man to ignore their increased risk of the disease.

No black-and-white answers to the 1 in 4 cancer risk phenomenon

19 Oct 2015

BLOG: Why are African and African Caribbean men at higher risk of prostate cancer? Despite promising new research, the reasons are still unclear, as Sophie Lutter explains.

1 in 4 tour diary: Nottingham and Bristol

4 Sep 2015

This summer we're touring areas with a high Black population to get an important message out there. On our third weekend of the tour we're in Nottingham and Bristol.