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"Dad would be over the moon about the new research – you need hope going up against prostate cancer"

31 Oct 2017

Hayley Yarnley knows how much our new precision medicine research programme could have helped her father, Bernie, who died from advanced prostate cancer last December. She describes how the births of her children kept him going during his treatment, and why he was convinced scientists would one day find a cure.

Ovarian cancer drug could help more men with prostate cancer than first thought

5 Sep 2017

A new study suggests olaparib could boost the efficacy of treatment for earlier-stage prostate cancer, after discovering how it can block the repair of DNA in cancer cells no matter what kind of the disease they have.

New blood test could help ‘personalise’ treatment for advanced prostate cancer and save NHS cash

4 May 2017

New research funded by Prostate Cancer UK has discovered a blood test that can predict which men's cancer won't respond to certain hormone therapy, so they can pick the treatment that works for them while saving the NHS potentially huge sums on otherwise wasted drugs.

What a difference a year in research makes

29 Dec 2016

BLOG: We're only 12 months into our ten-year strategy to tame prostate cancer, but that doesn't mean we haven't already made exciting progress. Our resident expert, Dr Ian Le Guillou, gives us his top ten biggest research breakthroughs (in no particular order) from 2016.

Two new research grants hope to make liquid biopsies a clinical reality

17 Aug 2016

Two research projects, using cutting-edge liquid biopsy technology to help improve diagnosis and treatment of men with prostate cancer, have been awarded funds by Prostate Cancer UK with the hope they'll used with real patients in the near future.

How liquid biopsies are helping us read the ‘crime scene’ of prostate cancer

17 Aug 2016

BLOG: With our new grants for research into the uses of liquid biopsies, Dr Sophie Lutter explains why they allow scientists to read clues about how a prostate cancer responds to treatment, and how they could revolutionise the way men are diagnosed and monitored with the disease.

Ovarian cancer drug could benefit a third of men with advanced prostate cancer

28 Oct 2015

New results from a clinical trial of olaparib suggest men with a common genetic fault could prolong their life after diagnosis by taking the pill twice a day.

Researchers find ‘Rosetta Stone’ of prostate cancer and take us a step closer to personalised treatments

11 Jun 2015

Prostate cancers can run, but they can no longer hide. For the first time, researchers have found a way to target individual prostate cancer sites in other parts of the body. We take a look at the science behind this headline-grabbing story and ask if it lives up to the media fanfare.

Genetic testing could identify men at six-fold increased risk of prostate cancer

15 Sep 2014

Scientists now have a better understanding of the inherited risk of prostate cancer, after an international study identified 23 new genetic variants (changes in the DNA sequence) associated with increased risk of the disease.