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Abiraterone extends the lives of men like Robert, but it could be rejected for future use. We stand with him and 4,300 others to ask why.

27 Jan 2021

Drug companies and NICE must put their differences aside and think of the men and families at the centre of all this.

Irvine Welsh: “The Trainspotting characters are all at the age to be affected by prostate cancer”

20 Jul 2018

The 59-year-old novelist strips off for our new partnership with McEwan's beer, which will see all profits from their McNificent boxer shorts donated to us. He tells us why the pub is so important to get our message out to his generation, and why he'd like to go for a drink with Renton.

Cabazitaxel chemotherapy rejected once again in Scotland, leaving Scotsmen at a disadvantage

13 Jun 2016

Cabazitaxel chemotherapy has been rejected by the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) for routine use on the NHS in Scotland, it has been announced today.

Results of Scotland's first National Cancer Patient Experience Survey released

6 Jun 2016

Thanks to our award-winning campaign and our supporters, Scotland has a detailed analysis of the quality of its cancer services for the first time so we can now start targeting where improvements need to be made.

The new Scottish Cancer Plan and our work to improve care for men with prostate cancer

15 Mar 2016

Making sure that men with prostate cancer receive the best treatment and care across the UK is one of our priorities. Find out about the Scottish Government's new cancer plan and what we think.

Enzalutamide ‘win’ for men in Scotland

7 Mar 2016

Treatment for advanced prostate cancer approved for use in Scotland for men who have not yet had chemotherapy.

Scotland leads UK in triumphant decision over access to life-enhancing drugs

12 Oct 2015

Abiraterone and radium-223 will be routinely offered on the NHS in Scotland from today, but the campaign for the rest of the UK continues.

Anger as 'cruel decision' denies men with advanced prostate cancer enzalutamide without chemotherapy in Scotland

10 Aug 2015

We call for pharmaceutical company and health authority to work together so that ‘decency and common sense can prevail’ as the SMC rejects enzalutamide for men with advanced prostate cancer who haven’t had chemotherapy.

Scottish Medicines Consortium says no to abiraterone before chemotherapy

10 Feb 2015

The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) announced yesterday that they would not be making abiraterone available on the Scottish NHS for men with advanced prostate cancer that no longer responds to hormone therapy, and who haven’t had chemotherapy. Read more about the decision and what it means for men.

Scotmid and Prostate Cancer UK raise record £280,000 for pioneering research and awareness programme

16 Sep 2014

Scotmid Co-operative and Prostate Cancer UK have raised a record breaking £280,000 - nearly doubling the partnership’s original fundraising target of £150,000.