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Researchers crunch 'big data' to predict which men will face side effects of radiotherapy

7 Nov 2017

More news from the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference this week comes from researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London. They’ve carried out a large-scale analysis of patient data from another trial to predict which men are most likely to experience unpleasant side effects after radiotherapy.

Swapping Belfast for Seattle: why a spot of travel could lead to a new treatment for advanced disease

30 Oct 2017

In this guest blog Dr Chris Armstrong – Marcher, Mo grower and ambitious researcher – explains what he hopes to achieve with the Travelling Prize Fellowship we’ve just awarded him and how this critical leg up the academic research ladder will benefit men with prostate cancer.

Behind the headlines: Is new radiotherapy a miracle cure for men ‘for whom there was no hope’?

26 Sep 2017

A type of radiotherapy that shapes radiation beams to tumors has grabbed headlines today. But more in-depth trials, already underway, are needed to give a clearer picture of the benefit for men.

What a difference a year in research makes

29 Dec 2016

BLOG: We're only 12 months into our ten-year strategy to tame prostate cancer, but that doesn't mean we haven't already made exciting progress. Our resident expert, Dr Ian Le Guillou, gives us his top ten biggest research breakthroughs (in no particular order) from 2016.

Quicker radiation trial shows ‘no-brainer’ win for men with prostate cancer

21 Jun 2016

Results from a 14-year radiotherapy study published today show that men can get the same benefit from a lower dose of radiotherapy with 17 fewer hospital visits.

Radiotherapy and secondary cancers: the science behind the headlines

3 Mar 2016

BLOG: Is radiotherapy a safe option for men with prostate cancer? Sophie Lutter delves behind the headlines to see what the science say

Radiotherapy trial shows fewer, higher doses don't worsen patient side effects

4 Nov 2015

First trial of shorter, more convenient radiotherapy treatment for men with prostate cancer could reduce the number of exhausting visits to hospital.

Cracking radiotherapy resistance

7 Sep 2015

BLOG: Following the announcement of our five new PhD scientists last week, Sophie Lutter finds out how one doctorate researcher used their grant from Prostate Cancer UK to make new advances in overcoming radiotherapy resistance in cancer cells.

From the lab: Can we improve radiotherapy to reduce side effects? We're funding a new project to find out

18 Sep 2014

We’ve recently awarded Ashley D’Aquino at the Royal Marsden Hospital a Prostate Cancer UK/College of Radiographers Clinical Training Fellowship, funded by The Movember Foundation. Ashley will be looking at whether taking pictures of the prostate before each radiotherapy treatment can help radiographers lower the dose of radiotherapy in the hope of reducing side effects.

Behind the headlines: Cure for prostate cancer available within two years – and with no side effects? It’s just as unlikely as it sounds

28 Mar 2014

The Daily Express recently released a story with the headline ‘ Cure for prostate cancer that has NO side-effects could be available on NHS in just TWO years’. This sounds great, but is in fact hugely misleading.