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National Prostate Cancer Audit reveals fewer men being undertreated but many still diagnosed too late

21 Nov 2017

A report released by the Royal College of Surgeons shows more men are getting an appropriate level of treatment, but issues with late diagnosis persist and uptake of mpMRI has been patchy. However, a pilot scheme also announced today offers a promising step forward.

Shortage of radiologists could hold back ‘biggest leap forward in prostate cancer diagnosis in decades’

12 Oct 2017

Plans to rollout mpMRI scans before a first biopsy for all UK men suspected of prostate cancer are under threat, as long-term vacancies and increasing demand put a strain on the NHS's radiology services.

Only a third of men currently benefit from 'biggest leap forward in diagnosis for decades'

20 Jan 2017

After today's confirmation that mpMRI scans before a biopsy can radically improve the accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis, figures reveal that just 32% of eligible men currently have access to the procedure because of a shortage of scanners and qualified staff to use them in the NHS.

How playing the long game and your donations led to mpMRI breakthrough

20 Jan 2017

BLOG: Today's announcement about mpMRI scans before a biopsy is a game-changer for prostate cancer diagnosis. But without Prostate Cancer UK's funding of a pilot project in 2010 thanks to your donations, this ground-breaking research would never have happened, says Dr Ian Le Guillou.

What a difference a year in research makes

29 Dec 2016

BLOG: We're only 12 months into our ten-year strategy to tame prostate cancer, but that doesn't mean we haven't already made exciting progress. Our resident expert, Dr Ian Le Guillou, gives us his top ten biggest research breakthroughs (in no particular order) from 2016.

The PROMIS of MRI scans before biopsy revealed at US cancer conference

6 Jun 2016

Preliminary results from the PROMIS trial announced in Chicago today show using mpMRI before a biopsy could reduce the number of men having unnecessary invasive tests for prostate cancer.

How we're working to turn the PROMISing results of mpMRI trial into a reality for men

6 Jun 2016

BLOG: From training up radiologists to working alongside commissioners and the NHS, Dr Sophie Lutter explains how we're making sure the results of the PROMIS trial are rolled out into real-life hospitals as soon as they've been peer-reviewed, and why rushing it could do more harm than good.

Varied access to PSA testing is unacceptable - it’s time for change

29 Mar 2016

BLOG: Sophie Lutter explains what we're doing to improve the availability of PSA testing to men who want or need it and why, on its own, it's still not the answer to creating a national screening programme for prostate cancer.

Meet the award-winning research team tackling prostate cancer in and out of the hospital

11 Aug 2015

The University College Hospital Urology Team recently won an award for their pioneering improvements to prostate cancer diagnosis. We find out how two of them now hope to raise £1 million for us on an epic cycle ride and what makes the team's work so exciting.

New imaging trials join wave of research into improving prostate cancer diagnosis

16 Oct 2014

One of the big questions in prostate cancer research is how can we diagnose prostate cancer better? We've awarded grants to two new clinical trials working to improve diagnosis through refining imaging technology. Sound familiar? That's because these trials are part of a growing wave of research in this area and things are moving fast.