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Errol McKellar receives MBE for a decade of life-saving conversations.

13 Nov 2020

This ex-mechanic from London estimates he’s saved around 50 lives and potentially hundreds more.

Black men are twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Help us find out why.

9 Oct 2020

1 in 4 black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, double the 1 in 8 risk faced by all men. We don’t know why, but you can help us find out.

Thank you for helping 67,199 men at higher risk of prostate cancer to speak to their doctor.

2 Oct 2020

Our campaign to find men at higher risk is off to an incredible start thanks to you. But we must keep up momentum over the coming months.

CAMPAIGN: Help find men at risk of prostate cancer with this thirty-second risk checker.

8 Sep 2020

Because the pandemic has made it harder for men to access a GP, it’s likely that thousands more cases of prostate cancer have gone undetected. We need your help to find men at risk.

Breakthrough: world's first precision prostate cancer treatment

2 Oct 2019

This week’s results offer a brand-new precision treatment option for a group of men with particularly aggressive forms of advanced prostate cancer.

Varied access to PSA testing is unacceptable - it’s time for change

29 Mar 2016

BLOG: Sophie Lutter explains what we're doing to improve the availability of PSA testing to men who want or need it and why, on its own, it's still not the answer to creating a national screening programme for prostate cancer.

New risk tool for GPs set to revolutionise prostate cancer diagnosis within five years

25 Feb 2016

Today, we announce plans for more than £2m of funding to develop a new risk assessment tool for GPs that should indicate the presence of cancer far more accurately than the current PSA test, saving thousands more men's lives.

Risky leap puts us on the path to a big change in prostate cancer diagnosis

14 Jan 2015

BLOG: After attending the risk assessment meeting we held last month, Dr Iain Frame, our Director of Research thinks we’re on the way to a big change in the way prostate cancer is diagnosed across the UK. Find out what happened when we brought the experts together and what will happen next.