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Urine test shows promise for spotting aggressive cancers

26 Jun 2019

Promising new research finds a chemical signature in urine that can predict the presence and aggressiveness of prostate cancer. However, more tests are needed to compare it against new MRI scans.

The art of precision medicine

14 Aug 2017

Prostate cancer is finally catching up with similar diseases in having treatments that can target an individual’s specific cancer – and it’s thanks to the game-changing research that you help us fund.

New blood test results reveal potential of liquid biopsies to deliver precision medicine for prostate cancer

19 Jun 2017

Researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research have created a powerful new three-in-one blood test, which could help doctors monitor whether a treatment is working and how a man's cancer is responding. We examine the results and find out why it's another step in the creation of targeted treatments for prostate cancer.

New Movember funds will turn treatment research into clinical reality

1 Dec 2015

Our £1.5m of Movember Foundation Translational Awards will ensure four groundbreaking projects make it through the labs and into clinical trials.

The exciting truth about biomarkers

1 Oct 2015

BLOG: Despite a misleading Telegraph article, the science of biomarkers is still well worth getting excited about, says Sophie Lutter.

Prostate cancer in your genes: what can genetic testing tell us?

16 Jul 2015

BLOG: Sophie Lutter explores the ins and outs of genetic testing for prostate cancer, and what it might mean for men and their families, in terms of improving treatment and identifying those at risk.

Expert insight: Leading prostate cancer scientist explains hottest topics at national cancer research conference

20 Nov 2014

BLOG: Earlier this month the UK’s biggest gathering of cancer experts took place in Liverpool – the NCRI cancer conference. We sponsored a session and went along to represent the organisation, meet experts and hear from the cutting edge of cancer research. But we also wanted to find out what other prostate cancer experts made of it.

Genetic testing could identify men at six-fold increased risk of prostate cancer

15 Sep 2014

Scientists now have a better understanding of the inherited risk of prostate cancer, after an international study identified 23 new genetic variants (changes in the DNA sequence) associated with increased risk of the disease.

Genetic screening could identify men with higher risk of advanced prostate cancer

21 Feb 2014

PRESS COMMENT: Screening men with a family history of prostate cancer for a range of gene mutations can identify those who are at high risk of aggressive forms of the disease and in need of lifelong monitoring, a new study has shown.

Flicking the switch on cancer cell growth

22 Jan 2014

Prostate Cancer UK funded scientists at Newcastle University have found a new trick that prostate cancer cells use to escape from the body’s usual methods of controlling cell growth. This may help to explain why some treatments don’t work as well as expected.