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Urine test shows promise for spotting aggressive cancers

26 Jun 2019

Promising new research finds a chemical signature in urine that can predict the presence and aggressiveness of prostate cancer. However, more tests are needed to compare it against new MRI scans.

New self-management programme could save NHS resources and support men better

21 May 2019

Allowing men to access test results online provides just as good support while saving the NHS money.

How one of our researchers is reinventing the PSA test using nanotechnology

23 Jan 2019

Professor of Nanotechnology at the University of Birmingham, Paula Mendes is turning her skills to prostate cancer for the first time with one of our Research Innovation Awards. She’s hoping to revolutionise the PSA blood test using nanoparticle science to make detection much more accurate.

Columnist George Monbiot urges others not to “let fear rule your life” after prostate cancer diagnosis

15 Mar 2018

The environmental journalist and activist is the latest high-profile man to open up about having prostate cancer, after writing a searingly honest column giving his three top tips for keeping upbeat in the face of the disease.

"My goal in life is to ensure none of my eight brothers dies from prostate cancer"

9 Nov 2016

After an operation successfully got rid of his prostate cancer in 2012, Steve Ellis set about warning his eight brothers of their increased risk of the disease, encouraging them to get tested. He tells us about their mixed reactions and how three have now also been diagnosed.

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges questions use of PSA test

24 Oct 2016

A new report from the medical professionals' body includes the PSA test as one of 40 medical treatments that may be unnecessary for many men. But Prostate Cancer UK makes clear that the test is still the best first step for diagnosis of prostate cancer while we develop a more robust test suitable for a screening programme.

"I overcame my embarrassment because my health was more important to me"

7 Oct 2016

We know that having tests for prostate cancer can be stressful and worrying. That's why, with the help of volunteers like Phil Watson, we’ve updated our fact sheet: How prostate cancer is diagnosed. He talks to us about his own diagnosis with prostate cancer in 2011, aged 61, and the experiences he had of having a range of tests before treatment.

Call for PSA screening after US rise in prostate cancer cases is 'not applicable in the UK'

20 Jul 2016

BLOG: Following a report in the Mirror yesterday of a massive rise in diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer in the United States and a call for more PSA screening there, our resident expert Dr Sophie Lutter cautions against such an approach here.

Younger men should now consider prostate cancer test, say clinicians

29 Mar 2016

A group of leading health professionals have agreed radical new guidance for administering the PSA test – including baseline testing for concerned men in their 40s and offering the test to men from 45 in high risk groups – which builds on the latest PSA advice released by Public Health England today.

"My GP wouldn’t give me a PSA test. Three months later I was diagnosed with advanced disease"

29 Mar 2016

Initially refused a PSA test by his GP, Kevin Vardy and his wife had their lives turned upside down by an eventual diagnosis of terminal prostate cancer that an earlier test could have avoided. But rather than just accepting his fate, Kevin set out to fight to make sure that other men wouldn’t suffer the same experience he had.