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This researcher’s grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer while she worked from home during lockdown.

8 Jan 2021

We spoke to Dr. Jennifer Munkley to hear how her work has been affected by the pandemic and how you can help save the lives of men like her Grandpa, with a gift in your Will.

Research Innovation Awards: Focus on advanced disease as we invest £2.8m

20 Feb 2020

From a pioneering new drug about to hit clinical trials, to a revolutionary home urine test for prostate cancer, here's the projects we're funding in 2020.

Lloyd Pinder is determined to beat the odds for his family, and families everywhere

7 Feb 2020

Our Spring appeal aims to keep men like Lloyd with their families for as long as possible.

A year of leaps: 2019 was historic for prostate cancer research

6 Dec 2019

The last year saw the announcement of the world’s first precision medicine for prostate cancer and huge progress towards the development of a home urine test. Just some of the things that made 2019 one of the most innovative years in prostate cancer research history.

Could a home urine test revolutionise prostate cancer diagnosis? We’re funding research to find out

29 Nov 2019

A prostate cancer urine test which has the potential to spot men with aggressive prostate cancer hit the headlines today. In partnership with Movember, we're funding the next stage of research to test this in a larger group of men.

Behind the headlines: a new immunotherapy treatment give men with advanced prostate cancer two more years of life?

28 Nov 2019

A new immunotherapy treatment was in the news today, after a recent clinical trial showed it could extend the lives of some men with very advanced prostate cancer for up to two years.

Bill Turnbull: on chemo and the making of his documentary, Staying Alive

22 Oct 2019

Ahead of tonight's documentary we spoke to our ambassador Bill Turnbull about diagnosis, chemotherapy and the Turnbull/Fry effect.

Exciting new trial focuses treatment on prostate, even after cancer has spread

6 Sep 2019

The ATLANTA trial is testing a new way to treat advanced disease, targeting the initial tumour inside the prostate to slow the growth of other tumours around the body.

Research blog: The jigsaw is falling into place but one crucial piece is missing

6 Jun 2019

BLOG: From 'seek and destroy' radiotherapy to repurposing an ovarian cancer drug, it's been a week of big news from the world's biggest cancer research conference. Dr Matthew Hobbs gives his perspective on the latest in prostate cancer and what needs to happen next.

Enzalutamide has similar benefit to chemo when taken with hormone therapy

2 Jun 2019

For the third time in four years, researchers have found a new treatment option to combine with hormone therapy and improve life expectancy for men with advanced prostate cancer.