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Quicker, stronger, personalised and targeted: the cutting edge of research into better treatments

25 Feb 2019

BLOG: Dr Matthew Hobbs, our Acting Director of Research, shares his highlights from the latest research into more effective treatments for men with prostate cancer.

Research centre attracts royal interest as groundbreaking trials continue to deliver

22 Sep 2017

The Duchess of Gloucester met with researchers and clinical triallists on a royal visit to our Belfast-Manchester Movember Centre of Excellence, where attempts to find new ways to tackle advanced prostate cancer are already showing exciting early results.

Challenging ‘incurable’ prostate cancer with the Strictly Ballroom of clinical trials

8 Apr 2016

BLOG: The revolutionary ADRRAD trial turns conventional thinking about advanced prostate cancer on its head, attempting to overcome a disease that's considered terminal. Dr Sophie Lutter looks behind the scenes at what makes this such a game-changing enterprise and why it represents the perfect dance between medicine and science.