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'Ignoring won't beat it':

From barracks to behind bars: how our awareness talks go beyond barriers

26 Oct 2016

Whether it's the local library or a prison block, our passionate volunteers go to extraordinary lengths to raise awareness of prostate cancer in their communities. Here, four of them describe the challenges and rewards of giving a talk in more unusual circumstances.

Awareness programme reaches 350,000 people ahead of schedule

22 Jul 2016

Thanks to the tenacity of our volunteers, giving talks and manning stands across Britain, our three-year awareness programme has hit its target of reaching 350,000 people with four months still to go.

Who’s the Daddy this Father’s Day?

14 Jun 2016

Ray Winstone, Charles Dance, Tamzin Outhwaite and John Simm join forces with us to help highlight the plight of men living with prostate cancer in the film Father’s Day. Made in 2013, the film still resonates and its themes are vitally important messages for men today.

“Four months after my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was too”

26 May 2016

Despite being just 45 and showing no symptoms, Andy Clarke was diagnosed with prostate cancer shortly after learning his father had the disease. He tells us how his wife and young sons reacted to the news and why being part of Men United is so important to him.

"My dad never got the chance to meet his granddaughter"

18 May 2016

Before his death from prostate cancer, Phil Griffith's dad encouraged all five of his sons to get a PSA test. Now with a young son of his own to worry about, Phil wants no black man to ignore their increased risk of the disease.

"After relationships with two men with prostate cancer, I’ve got to make more people aware of this killer"

12 May 2016

When Vivien Pipe lost her husband to prostate cancer, she knew this was a disease she couldn’t ignore. Then when her current partner was also diagnosed, it reinforced her passion to raise awareness. Now she works as a Patients as Educators speaker, telling her powerful story to help others.

"A Times article rang alarm bells, so I went to my GP. It turned out I had prostate cancer"

29 Apr 2016

Christopher Patey was ignoring his difficulties passing water until a newspaper columnist's account of his own prostate cancer symptoms spurred him to see his GP. He hopes a gift in his Will to Prostate Cancer UK will help fund better diagnosis and treatments so his son and grandsons won't have to live in fear of the disease.

Almost 1 in 5 men 'lethally ignorant' they even have a prostate, new survey finds

22 Apr 2016

Our latest research reveals a shocking lack of awareness among men about their own bodies and their risk of prostate cancer, leading to thousands of needless deaths each year. But our new nationwide TV advertising campaign aims to tackle the ignorance head on.

"If my friend hadn’t ignored his symptoms, he might have lived like me"

22 Apr 2016

Derek Moss was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the same his close friend, Fred, was battling with the disease. He recalls how bitterly Fred regretted not heeding his advice to see a doctor sooner, and the difference it made between him dying and his own survival.