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Abiraterone extends the lives of men like Robert, but it could be rejected for future use. We stand with him and 4,300 others to ask why.

27 Jan 2021

Drug companies and NICE must put their differences aside and think of the men and families at the centre of all this.

We call for upfront radiotherapy for some men with advanced disease to extend more than 3,000 lives a year

22 Oct 2018

The latest results from the STAMPEDE trial have shown immediate radiotherapy with standard hormone therapy could increase the survival of thousands of men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer that hasn't spread too widely. We're now calling for the treatment to be offered to these men as standard on the NHS.

Study finds early docetaxel and abiraterone equally effective

8 Sep 2017

Prostate Cancer UK welcomes new data from the STAMPEDE trial that clarifies there is no difference in the benefits offered by both treatments for men newly diagnosed with advanced disease, but now we want the option of earlier abiraterone made available to all men.

STAMPEDE and Latitude trial results: how will they benefit men?

6 Jun 2017

BLOG: Our CEO gives her thoughts on what new research could mean for treating prostate cancer and how Prostate Cancer UK is working to make the most of it.

New STAMPEDE trial results show earlier abiraterone could improve survival of men with advanced prostate cancer

3 Jun 2017

Announced by researchers at a cancer conference in Chicago, the new findings show earlier and combined use of existing treatments can have a significant impact on advanced disease, but questions remain about its suitability for all men.

NHS England approves upfront docetaxel for advanced prostate cancer

24 Jan 2016

Following months of intense pressure from us, clinicians and patients, NHS England finally announces that men with newly diagnosed advanced prostate cancer will now be offered immediate access to chemotherapy that could extend their lives by an average of 15 months.

Publication of STAMPEDE results means no more excuses for lack of access

22 Dec 2015

With the successful STAMPEDE trial now officially published in the Lancet, we call for upfront docetaxel treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer to be adopted across NHS England without further delay.

The fight for men to have a life-saving treatment gets to the home stretch

9 Dec 2015

BLOG: We were about to go large on the NHS's continued lack of action overs the positive results of STAMPEDE. All our campaigning machinery was set to whirl into motion. And then a sudden U-turn left us both delighted and eager to prevent similar treatments from experiencing such delays in the future, writes Karen Stalbow.

The human cost of delayed chemotherapy

15 Sep 2015

While many hospitals delay putting into action the staggering results of the STAMPEDE trials, more than 500 men a month are missing the chance to extend their lives. We talked to one of them.

We have a golden opportunity to speed up patient access to new treatments

15 Sep 2015

BLOG: Dr Iain Frame, our Director of Research, on how the STAMPEDE trial shows why accelerated access matters and how he thinks it can be achieved.