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06 Jun 2023

We ask the nation 'What on Earth is a prostate?!'

“What does a prostate do? Aren't I too young for prostate cancer? Isn’t the first test a finger up the bum?” It’s time to separate fact from fiction and save lives. 

Men’s health can be a minefield. Myths that circulate in the pub, at work, online, and with family and friends make it hard to know what to believe, and even harder to know what to do about it to look after yourself and the men in your life.

Our research shows the most common cancer in men starts in a place half of us know next-to-nothing about. It’s time to change that. 

So for Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day, Colin McFarlane heads up our investigation as we take to the streets of Manchester to ask men some important questions about prostate cancer… and clear a few things up! Here’s what happened: 

Colin McFarlane heads up Britain's Biggest Questions to clear a few things up

“I would have symptoms if I had prostate cancer…right?”

If you struggled to answer a few of the questions we put to men, don’t worry! You’re not alone as: 

Almost half (44%) of men do not know where their prostate is and 74% aren’t sure what it does 

Only around a third (35%) of men are aware that early-stage prostate cancer often has no symptoms.

Four in five (79%) men underestimate how many Dads, brothers, sons and mates die each year from prostate cancer. The reality is over 12,000 men. This is unacceptable.

Over the next fortnight, we’ll be busting myths and "prostate-ing" facts online, in the papers and on your radio. 

This Men's Health Week and Father's day, let's help our dads, brothers, sons and mates separate fact from fiction and make more informed choices. Learn more about the campaign and common myths on our campaign hub

Prostate cancer is treatable if caught early - and that’s why it’s crucial to check your risk and share the risk checker with the men you love. It takes just 30 seconds and could save a life.

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