Real Stories
26 Mar 2021

“Don't put it off": share our risk-checker with the men in your life

Andrew Richardson was diagnosed during the pandemic and was treated early, saving his life. Now he wants to help make sure the men in your life know their risk too.

Andrew has a family history of prostate cancer, which puts him at higher risk. His doctor urged him to get tested and he was diagnosed during the pandemic. Because it was caught early, he had successful treatment that saved his life. Now he’s determined to help others.

Thousands of men are missing out on potentially life-saving conversations with their GPs due to the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare. Prostate cancer referrals fell by 52,000 and more than 8,600 fewer men in England started treatment for prostate cancer in 2020 than in the previous year.

We need to find our missing men.

Share our thirty-second risk checker with the men in your life  so our friends, uncles, brothers, dads and sons have a better chance of a positive outcome like Andrew.

Help us find our missing men. Use the links below to share the risk checker with the men in your life.

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