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05 Dec 2021

WATCH: The musical Marsh Family present ‘Mack the Knife (prostate cancer – facts of life)’  

This gifted singing family from Kent have taken their grandfather’s experience of prostate cancer and turned it into a joy-filled song to help men everywhere. It’s Mack the Knife (prostate cancer – facts of life).

We hope the lyrics will make people smile but also make them start discussions with loved ones about actions that they may need to take.
Danielle Marsh 

The Faversham-based Marsh family - husband Ben (45), and wife Danielle (44), and their four children Alfie (15), Thomas (13), Ella (12) and Tess (9) - earned national fame since the first lockdown in 2020 with a series of entertaining and quirky cover versions performed in their front room.

To celebrate his recovery last year the hugely talented family surprised university professor John, who lives in Newcastle, with their Prostatectomy song, in homage to the successful operation he had to remove his prostate. 

Now they want to spread the message further. Today the Marsh family share the sparkling new video of their poignant version of swing classic Mack the Knife, with adapted lyrics written by Ben and the family.

Mum Danielle said, “It’s so easy to push worries and concerns to one side with a busy life and a pandemic overshadowing everything but if we can encourage people to make that GP appointment and gain peace of mind or an early diagnosis, then that would be amazing and feel like some of this attention and focus that we’ve had in the past 18 months has been put to good use. Plus, it was lovely to be out of our living room for a while!”

Playing the part of a barman in the video, which was set inside the iconic Moth Club in Hackney, is Prostate Cancer UK’s very own specialist nurse John Robertson, and two volunteer extras who both have personal links to the disease.

The song is available to download here and all profits will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK.

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