We face a cancer crisis following the pandemic. A few minutes of your time could help to protect decades of prostate cancer research.

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30 Jun 2020

You know that prostate cancer research is at risk because of the economic impact of the pandemic. Without action today, years of research progress towards better tests and treatments could be lost. Much of our research has already been put on hold, and if we don’t get things back on track right now, the effects on thousands of men around the UK will be felt for years to come. 

That’s why we’re working with The Association of Medical Research Charities and 151 other charities to make an urgent demand:

We want the Government to match every pound invested in research by people like you for at least three years.

This is a massive opportunity. If we win, it’ll mean that every single pound raised will have twice the impact. This commitment would be transformative for our research projects, allowing hundreds of cancer researchers to continue their work developing new treatments and improving tests to save and extend thousands of lives. 

We can’t do this alone. To make it work, we need your local MP to understand what’s at stake, and to take action now. 

This is where you come in. Because personal messages from people who really care have such a powerful impact.

Will you follow these three simple steps to ask your MP to sign an open letter? 

  1. Get your local MP’s contact details. Use the 'Find your MP' search here.
  2. Email your MP and tell them in your own words why research matters to you, and include the line and website link below. 

Prostate cancer research is at risk. I need you to sign this open letter to call for the Government to commit to a Life Sciences-Charity Partnership Fund to invest in medical research. 


Please CC campaigns@prostatecanceruk.org, so we know we can thank you and update you on our progress.

  1. After you've emailed your MP, come back here to spread the word:   Share on Twitter   |  Share on Facebook.
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