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22 Jan 2019

Postcards from the edge: our world-record runner and his cancer-battling hero swap emotional tributes

After only a year, Nick Butter is now more than halfway to his astonishing ambition of running a marathon in every country in the world – that's 196 in total! We asked him to exchange virtual postcards with the inspiration for his fundraising challenge, our ambassador and ultra runner Kevin Webber. The results are truly moving.

Kevin: "I mentally thank you every day for what you are doing to save families"

Hi Nick,
I've been watching you go over your century of marathons: wow, you're going through the mill! When I think it’s kind of my fault then every bit of pain you have is my pain too. I mentally thank you every day for what you are doing to save families from prostate cancer in time to come.
I'm kind of having a great time. I wish you were here for some of it; other bits, I'm glad you are where you are! I'm still running and training for crazy races but also – as ever – in the jaws of incurable prostate cancer treatment. I guess you could say my life is yin and yang.
One day, I hope I'll be able to share your deserved glory in a small way. But I don’t think that will happen until you're home safely after the 196. I just hope I'm still here to see that day.
Take care mate,

Nick: "I can’t imagine finishing without you being around to see it"

Dear Kev,

The 196 are for you and all the other men and families out there affected by prostate cancer. The goal is to stop men dying, to raise some cash, and importantly awareness.

I owe you a great deal of thanks for giving me the push I needed to follow my dreams and live life abundantly. To not assume tomorrow will come, and to count every day a blessing. Those sweaty horrible miles in the Sahara desert didn’t change my life at all really – it was just painful. But meeting you DID. I wish everyone in the world had the honour of meeting you; it would be a better place for sure.

My first 100 marathons in 100 countries in 50 weeks has been one hell of a journey. Sore, tired, exhausted, but even more elated, appreciative and ALIVE. Alive in so many ways – thanks to you.

You will be here when I return – I can’t imagine finishing without you being around to see it. I owe a great deal to you Kev. Your energy and attitude never fails to amaze me (and everyone).

Luv ya,


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