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01 Oct 2018

easyJet crew badge up with our Man of Men as life-saving collaboration takes off

Today Europe’s leading airline, easyJet, is launching a six-week campaign onboard planes in a bid to fund cutting-edge research into prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Teaming up with us and Breast Cancer Now, cabin crew will be encouraging passengers to donate their spare change, of any currency, in onboard collections and organising their own fundraising activities.

Money raised by passengers and crews will help both our organisations fund research into early detection, prevention, and treatment of these diseases – in turn saving the lives of women and men across the UK.

Cabin crew also have the opportunity to wear special charity branded uniform, including ties, neck scarves, pink and blue epaulettes and pin badges, including our Man of Men, to show their support to the causes.

"I was on call to fly when I got the text from Dad"

Two easyJet employees who will definitely be badging up are flight attendant Christina Gray (below) and her partner Dan Russell, a pilot at the airline (in main image with Christina). Christina’s father was diagnosed with localised aggressive prostate cancer in October 2017, aged 60, and Christina was at work when she found out.

"Work were really understanding – I was in no position to fly"

“I’m one of five children,” said Christina, “so getting us all together is a mission in itself. My Dad ended up sending us a text message but I was at work on stand-by in case one of the other flight attendants phoned in sick. I got the text and immediately I left the room. I knew my partner was flying so I couldn’t ring him. At that moment, I got a call saying I needed to fly to Tenerife. Work were really understanding that I was in no position to fly.”

Fortunately, the cancer had not spread outside her dad’s prostate and he had surgery to remove it in January. He is currently having routine check-ups every six weeks and physiotherapy to improve his quality of life post-surgery.

Christina is really excited about the collaboration with easyJet. She said: “I think a lot of people know someone who has been diagnosed or has passed away from prostate cancer. It is one of those charities that people feel close to and will want to donate more to because of personal experiences.”

Team effort will help make life saving differences

Angela Culhane, Chief Executive at Prostate Cancer UK said: “It’s fantastic to be embarking on this journey with easyJet and Breast Cancer Now. This team effort will help us to make life-saving differences, and we’re truly grateful for the opportunity.

“Every 45 minutes one man dies of prostate cancer in the UK, that’s over 47,000 lives lost each year alone. With the support of easyJet staff and passengers we can spread awareness and fund vital research into the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease, helping to stop prostate cancer being a killer.”

Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive at Breast Cancer Now said: “The partnership provides a great opportunity for the two charities to come together, to help fund research into the two most common cancers which continue to take the lives of the women and men we love.”