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10 Dec 2018

Bill Turnbull joins stars and supporters hanging a Man of Men on their Christmas tree

We've sent out thousands of our 'Man of Men' Christmas decorations to people who've donated or spent more than £20 in our online shop. They're using them to remember loved ones and show their support for us by hanging them on their tree. Find out what TV's Bill Turnbull and Rev Kate Bottley wrote on theirs, and how to share your story about the man on your tree.

When our Carols by Candlelight concerts come around, you know the festive season has properly started! While there's plenty of fun to look forward to, it's also a time when many of us feel the loss of a loved one missing from the celebrations.

That's why we've brought our 'Man of Men' Christmas decorations back – and we've sent thousands to our supporters, who either donated or spent more than £20 in our online shop. They'll be hung on trees up and down the UK, each with a personal dedication on the back commemorating someone who's died from prostate cancer, or celebrating the many health professionals and researchers working to support men and find new treatments.

So what messages did the celebrities at our carol concerts in London and Liverpool write on their Man of Men decorations? Bill Turnbull kept it simple, wishing all our supporters a Merry Christmas – as did Dean Sullivan, Sue Johnston and Ray Clemence (pictured above).

But two others had more personal messages to share.

Rev Kate Bottley: "Praying for a cure and thinking of my Darling Dad. Love you Pops! x"

Christopher Timothy: "If you haven't and you're male – get tested! Love for Xmas, Chris Timothy."

Rudolph Walker: "It's a privilege to witness the fantastic work the charity is doing. Love and happiness this Xmas x"

Who’s the man on your tree?

We’d love to see your messages hanging on trees all over the UK. You can still get a decoration by spending more than £20 in our online shop. But even if you don't have one, please share your dedications and messages with us for the men who are in your thoughts this year. You can post your messages and photos on our Facebook page or tweet us your dedication, saying who it's for and why, using the hashtag #WhosTheMan.

What if you're a man with prostate cancer?

You don’t have to write a message to yourself! It could be to someone you met while having treatment, your GP or nurse, the consultant who operated on you, or the researchers who are working to stop other men in your family having to face the same thing. There are so many people who are important during your cancer journey.

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