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21 Nov 2018

Kevin Webber wins JustGiving Award on fourth anniversary of incurable cancer diagnosis

After he received the Endurance Fundraiser of the Year Award last night, we reveal the devastating email Kevin sent to his work colleagues when he first found out he had advanced prostate cancer, and show some exclusive clips from a new documentary being made about him.

Our heroic ultra-running ambassador, Kevin Webber, has scooped a top prize at this year's JustGiving Awards. It's richly-deserved recognition for a man who – after being given just two years to live in 2014 – has gone on to run in extreme races around the world, raising in excess of £100k for us.

Kevin received the Endurance Fundraiser of the Year Award on-stage at the London awards ceremony from Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling, who also won an accolade from the online giving platform last year.

"It’s just amazing to win this," said Kevin, dedicating the award to his son, Olly, who was celebrating his 14th birthday. "It's an amazing thing for me, a great memory. It's great PR for the charity, too, and will help me push on tomorrow, and the day after, when sometimes I really don’t want to push on any more."

Passing the four-year mark since his diagnosis

Kevin and his family had already been celebrating four years since his diagnosis with incurable advanced prostate cancer on 6 November 2014. To mark the anniversary, Kevin shared the emotional email he wrote to his work colleagues at Royal Bank of Scotland that day:

Hi Guys

I am afraid it could not have been much worse.

I have Metastatic Prostate Cancer (I am in esteemed company as that is what Alvin Stardust had). I will leave you to Google it but there is no cure and they can only try to stop it for a while or slow it down, bit of a bummer.

Needless to say, I won't be in tomorrow as I have to sort out loads of stuff and arrange bits with the quacks and I also have another scan on Monday just to see how far it has gone round my other lymph nodes plus another session on Tuesday as they need the results of Mondays scan and are talking about putting me on some experimental trial drug.

As you can imagine I have to get the courage to tell my family (or fess up as Che would say!) and I am not looking forward to that much as its hard enough to cope with my emotions right now let alone someone else's although Sarah has been great.

I would be grateful if you could keep this to yourselves until Monday as there are people I need to tell over the weekend who have to hear it from me first rather than 3rd hand, I am sure I can trust you in that regard but between the six of you say what you like!

Finally, you have all been so supportive since I first told you, thank you so much, sorry to bring bad thoughts to your day, when you see me next don’t ask how I am though as I will just burst into tears.


Running thousands of miles through desert, jungle and tundra

Reading that devastating email now, it's hard to imagine that he'd go on to run thousands of miles through deserts, jungles, mountains and Arctic tundra. (Watch some of these adventures below in some exclusive, breath-taking clips from a forthcoming documentary being filmed about him, which were shown at the awards ceremony.)

Thank you for all your incredible efforts, Kevin, and for inspiring all of us at Prostate Cancer UK to keep going too.

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