A year after walking with Jeff Stelling having just been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, Lloyd Pinder records another moving video about his determination to outlive his prognosis for the sake of his young daughters and to help other men avoid his fate.

The Pinder Family
13 Apr 2017

When we first met Lloyd Pinder on Jeff Stelling’s first fundraising walk for us last year, he was 44 and still reeling from a diagnosis of terminal prostate cancer just two months earlier. He hadn’t even begun treatment yet.

"The consultant told me I had five to ten years," said Lloyd then. "You immediately think of your children. There's a feeling of devastation, that you are being cheated. You think: 'why me?'"

But even then, the married father of two young girls was determined to help other men avoid his fate and raise awareness of the disease by marching with Jeff that day – raising more than £6k – and appearing in this moving video for us.

One year on, Lloyd says he's "over the moon" with his treatment. Having undergone chemo, hormone and radiotherapy, his PSA reading is down to 0.7 and he's determined to stretch his five-to-ten-year prognosis so his young daughters won’t grow up without a father. 

"I feel very lucky that at 45, I have wonderful kids and a wife that loves me," says Lloyd. "But dealing with death is harder when you know what you're going to lose."

His determination to beat the odds is matched only by his continuing commitment to help others. He's already raised a further £10k for us, and is joining Jeff Stelling once again for his March for Men in June. He'll also be walking with his family at the Leeds March for Men, and he filmed another moving piece about his cancer journey for Huffington Post last month.

"I want to help to make sure other men don't go through what I'm going through," says Lloyd. And it's working. Two men who saw his story on Facebook went to get tested and had their prostate cancer detected at an early, treatable stage.

So thank you, Lloyd. You're an inspiration to all of us and we're with you every step of your march against prostate cancer.

Find out more about joining Lloyd on a March for Men this summer and help us stop prostate cancer being a killer.

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