The Manual
25 Aug 2015

Have prostate cancer, will travel

Getting ready for your summer holidays abroad can be stressful enough for anyone, but especially if you're managing prostate cancer. Our newly updated fact sheet on travelling with the disease takes the worry out of planning so you're free to explore the world.

Suitcase packed? Check.

Passport, visa and travel insurance? Check.

Selfie stick? Check.

For most people, the list of travel essentials to worry about when flying abroad won’t extend much longer than this.

Not so for men with prostate cancer.

Depending on the stage of their cancer, what treatment they are on, and what side effects they have, planning a holiday can seem more trouble than its worth. Certain medication might not be allowed in other countries and travel insurance can be complicated. But with our updated travel fact sheets, you don't have to let these worries scupper your holiday plans.

Prostate cancer needn't be a barrier to travelling if you're organised. I’m off to Australia and the Far East this winter.
One holidaymaker with prostate cancer

With information about what to consider, travel insurance issues, and a handy timeline to help plan your trip, our fact sheets have everything men with prostate cancer need to know for travelling in the UK or around the world.

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