4 Dec 2013
In - The Manual

It’s really important that everything we write about prostate cancer is as easy to understand as possible and answers men’s questions and concerns.

So we’re really pleased to announce that we’ve won Plain English awards for a number of our key publications.

The awards, run by The Plain English Campaign, recognise the clearest documents of the year on any subject. And our winning publications are:

Here’s what the judges said about us:

“These well-written and well-designed booklets and leaflets give straightforward answers to many of the questions men and their families may have. The information is clear, easy to read and presented in a conversational, non-threatening way.”

We know that getting clear and accurate information at the right time can really improve a man’s experience of diagnosis, treatment and living with prostate cancer, so producing accessible information is a vital part of what we do.

If you’ve got any questions about prostate cancer, choosing a treatment, managing side-effects or anything at all, have a read of our information or call our Specialist Nurses

And just to highlight the importance of jargon-free plain English, trying reading some of the ‘winning’ entries for the less-coveted Golden Bull awards.

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