22 Aug 2012
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Prostate Cancer UK and Prostate Action have announced that they have now merged as one organisation following a unanimous decision by both their boards. Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of Prostate Cancer UK, explains the reasons behind the merger, which will see both charities sit under the banner of Prostate Cancer UK:

"I am proud to announce the exciting news that Prostate Cancer UK and Prostate Action have now merged as one organisation. We have made this happen because we believe that by working together we can only be stronger, forming one unified force in the fight against prostate cancer and prostate disease. Speaking with a direct, singular voice we will be able to better achieve our aim of giving men's health the prominence it needs and address the legacy of neglect which surrounds prostate cancer. 

"By having one organisation, and pooling our expertise and remit, we are also making the way clearer for men seeking advice, as well as limiting confusion for those who support and work with us. We will bring together our resources and invest more in ground breaking research, as well as a wider range of services and health professional education.

"Prostate Cancer UK has already come a long way this year with a bold new identity underpinning our far-reaching aims to do more for men. The coming together of the two main charities in the men's health arena demonstrates how committed we are to building upon this momentum and do even more for men with and at risk of prostate cancer and prostate disease.

"We are grateful to all who have shown support to both organisations to date. These are exciting and significant times for men's health and we hope that all will join us as with the newly-merged Prostate Cancer UK for the next steps of the journey."

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