#shirt2work at prostate cancer uk

What's #Shirt2Work?

A football shirt or rugby shirt not just a shirt. It’s your team colours. It represents history. It carries the memories of famous victories, and agonising defeats. Now it can do something else - raise money to help stop prostate cancer being a killer.

On #Shirt2Work day, sports fans (and anyone who wants to show their support) canwear their favourite team's colours to work and make a donation of £2 each. 

Prostate cancer is one of the toughest opponents a man can face. Get behind #Shirt2Work day by signing up now.

How do I set it up?

1: Be the champion

Rise up from your desk chair and roar "I am the #Shirt2Work champion, follow me and donate £2 to Prostate Cancer UK!" Unless you’re the boss - in which case, make people do it!

2: Choose your day

You can hold your day whenever you like, but why not take advantage and time it with a big sporting occassion?

3: Get signed up

Sign up for #Shirt2Work. We'll be on hand with the advice, the materials, and the encouragement.

4: Spread the word

Make sure everyone knows to wear their team’s shirt or colours (it could be any sports club) to work on the day. We’ve got tools to help you - our A3 poster, A4 poster and social image are for starters. If you sign up and get in touch, we'll see what we can do by way of collection tins, pin badges and all the rest.

5: Get changed early

On #Shirt2Work day, make sure you've got collection tins on display. Or you can set up an online fundraising page. Charge everyone £2 and take plenty of photos to show how colourful your colleagues really are.

6: Report the result

At full time, here’s how you send in the money you've raised, update your online fundraising page with photos and get a promotion!

How to go the extra mile

Here's how:

  • Make sure everyone shares their photos on social media
  • Anyone not participating - ask them to text 'SHIRT' to 70004 to donate £5 to Prostate Cancer UK
  • Hold a quiz at lunch in the office
  • Everyone loves a sweepstake, don't they? Don't they?
  • Ask your employer if they will match the amount you raise


You're 120 minutes in, there's a long walk to the spot and the goalkeeper is a lunatic. This is not for the faint-hearted.

  • Paint your face in the colour of your team, or sketch your club's logo on your face
  • Dye your hair the colour your team plays in
  • Make cakes with our 'Man of Men' in different coloured kits, and sell them for elevenses
  • Get your colleagues to dress in full kit (including boots) to raise more money.

If you have any questions, contact the team on 0800 082 1616 or get in touch.

Top tip: make sure your employer is okay with you running a sweepstake at work, and be aware of the Gambling Act 2005




  • Who can do #Shirt2Work?  

    Anyone who has a colourful shirt or t-shirt - it doesn't have to be a football shirt.

  • I don't support a club in the EFL  

    It doesn't matter if your team plays in another league, another country or if your team plays Korfball: we just want you to have fun at work and raise some money.

  • How do I pay in the money?  

    Easy. Here's a link to our donation form. Or you can send a cheque, pay money directly into our bank account or make a payment over the phone using your bank card. Please quote '#Shirt2Work' when you send in your donations.

    Or if you’d like to widen your fundraising net to include family and friends, why not set up a Just Giving page?

  • I don't want to wear a football shirt to work  

    Jog on, Norman.

    Only kidding. If you don't like football, can't wear a strip into work or don't have a team you support that's fine. If you still want to help, you can text SHIRT to 70004 to donate £5 to Prostate Cancer UK.

  • What sort of things can I get from you to support my event?  

    We've got lots of bits and bobs that'll help:

    And once you've registered, get in touch with us about:

    • A company guide to being a #Shirt2Work champion
    • Email templates
    • Digital banners for your intranet and internal comms
    • Collection tins
    • Wristbands
  • I have more questions. Who do I contact?  

    No problem, we're here to help. Contact us online or call us on 0800 082 1616 to speak to one of our #Shirt2Work gurus.

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