If you are concerned about prostate cancer or prostate problems we can help. We provide a range of information and support so you can choose the services that work for you. All our services are open to men, their family and their friends.

Our Specialist Nurses

Ask all the questions you need answers to or just talk. Our nurses have time for you.

Find local support

Find a service local to you and get access to the care and support where you need it, when you need it.

Talk to someone who has been there

The important thing to remember when you’re affected by prostate disease is that you’re not alone.

There are lots of people out there who are on very similar journeys so, if you have prostate cancer, other prostate diseases, or if you’re the partner, family or friend of someone affected, we can help you talk to someone who’s been there.

Online community

I found a group of people all connected by the disease whose collective knowledge helped me understand my situation. I truly believe it should be recommended by medical professionals at diagnosis. It's that good.

Confront prostate cancer together. Join our online community and talk about what's on your mind - your questions, your ups and your downs.

Live chat

Chat online about prostate problems with a Specialist Nurse.

Relationship support

If prostate cancer is affecting your relationships then we can help.

Fatigue support

I thought the service was superb, with the support nurse being so kind, understanding and thoughtful. She was at the very heart of everything and so very encouraging.

Our fatigue support service is designed to help you manage your tiredness so you can do more things you want to do.

Find a support group

We believe every man with prostate cancer should have access to a good quality support group.

Book an awareness talk

Hearing a talk on prostate cancer is a great way for groups to learn more about a disease which is the most common cancer in men.