Researcher - Professor George Baillie
Institution - University of Glasgow
Grant award - £49,977.00
Reference - PA14-002

In a nutshell

This team of researchers have identified a protein called PDE4D7 in prostate cancers that no longer respond to hormone therapy. This protein binds to a number of other proteins, and the researchers think that together, this group of proteins might play an important part in prostate cancer development. Interrupting how these proteins work may one day lead to new treatments for advanced prostate cancer.

Why we funded it

It takes a long time to develop new medicines for any disease. The first step is to find proteins that may play a part in causing the disease. The next step is to find out exactly what it is they do, and then find a way to either block or reverse their activity. The researchers have already found the protein, and in this project, they aim to accomplish step two of the process to find a new treatment for prostate cancer that no longer responds to hormone therapy – an area where men still have too few options available.

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