Since our foundation in 1996, and through our merger with Prostate Action, we have awarded over £23 million to innovative research aimed at extending and improving the lives of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer.  In 2012 we moved our research funding to a new level; thanks to the income raised by the Movember Foundation we will begin committing over £7 million to new research each year for at least the next three years.  Our research strategy outlines how we think we can best invest this vastly increased sum to achieve real differences for men affected by prostate cancer by the year 2020.

Described in our Research Strategy 2012-20 are three priority research areas and the funding mechanisms we will use to help accelerate research in these areas.  From 2012-2020 all our research funding is targeted at:

  • identifying men at highest risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer,
  • better tests to distinguish indolent from aggressive tumours, and
  • new targeted treatments for advanced prostate cancer.

Our new funding streams emphasise innovation, collaboration, training and career development.

If you have any further queries about the research strategy or the next funding round please email

Read the 2012-2020 Research Strategy