250,000 men are living with prostate cancer in the UK. Living with prostate cancer can affect your everyday life, work and relationships. Even if you've stopped treatment you might still have side effects, and worry about your cancer coming back.

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Sex and relationships

Although your function goes, your desire doesn't

Some treatments for prostate cancer can have an impact on your sex life. But there are solutions and things that can help.

How hormone therapy affects you

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer can cause a number of physical and emotional side effects. Loss of sex drive (libido), erection problems and tiredness are all common side effects.

Urinary problems

This page describes how treatment for prostate cancer can cause problems urinating, and ways to treat and manage these problems.

Prostate facts for gay and bisexual men

In many ways, prostate cancer and other prostate problems are the same for men whatever their sexuality. But if you are gay, bisexual or a man who has sex with men, you might have some specific questions or concerns.

Living with advanced prostate cancer

Living with advanced prostate cancer can be hard to deal with emotionally as well as physically and may affect your life, work and relationships but there are ways to deal with these changes.

Dealing with your feelings

Prostate cancer has an emotional impact on every man living with it - and on partners, family members and friends too. Everyone finds their own ways to deal with things, but there's support that can help.

The benefits of a healthy diet and exercise

Find out how a healthy diet and regular physical activity may help you manage the effects of prostate cancer and its treatment.