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Awareness programme reaches 350,000 people ahead of schedule

22 Jul 2016

Thanks to the tenacity of our volunteers, giving talks and manning stands across Britain, our three-year awareness programme has hit its target of reaching 350,000 people with four months still to go.

Chuka Umunna MP calls on black men to 'wise up' about their higher risk of prostate cancer

21 Jul 2016

The Labour MP for Streatham pledges his support to Prostate Cancer UK to help raise awareness among black men, who have double the risk of white men of developing the disease, as we continue to fund research into why this ethnic discrepancy exists.

"It’s a pity my treatment was so hit and miss"

19 Jul 2016

When Ian Adamson tells us why he filled in the Life After Prostate Cancer survey, and how his experience of being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer left him feeling it can all be a bit of a lottery how well you fare.

"I don’t want anyone else to go through what I've gone through if I can help it"

19 Jul 2016

The array of treatment options often felt bewildering to Courtenay King after he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now he hopes that by participating in the 'Life after prostate cancer diagnosis' study, he can help improve others' experience of dealing with the disease.

Landmark UK survey of men with prostate cancer reaches Northern Ireland

19 Jul 2016

The first of our 'Life after prostate cancer diagnosis' surveys will drop on the doormats of men with prostate cancer in Northern Ireland today, as the groundbreaking study extends beyond England, with Wales and Scotland due in the next few months.

"Sometimes people feel guilty for having a mutation and passing it on"

7 Jul 2016

As new research emerges to confirm that over 11% of men with advanced prostate cancer have inherited mutations in genes that repair breaks in our DNA, we speak to Sarah Rose, a genetic counsellor at Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust, about the current availability of genetic testing for men with prostate cancer on the NHS and the difficult questions it raises.

Scientists find greater link between men with advanced prostate cancer and inherited gene mutations

7 Jul 2016

Research published today has discovered a far higher proportion of inherited DNA mutations in men with advanced prostate cancer than previously suspected, opening up new possibilities for targeted treatments.

How we won urologists' support for prostate scans before biopsy at the BAUS conference

7 Jul 2016

BLOG: At this year's annual meeting of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, it was the exciting potential of mpMRI scans before a biopsy that had attendees buzzing. We were there to help make the case for the new diagnostic tool and our Change Delivery Officer, Jade Fairfax, reports on how it led to a commitment from urologists and BAUS to roll out mpMRI across the UK.

We must stamp out regional variation after concerning results of cancer patient experience survey in England

6 Jul 2016

We call for change after the results of NHS England's National Cancer Patient Experience Survey, released today, show unacceptable regional variations in support and access to specialist nurses for men with prostate cancer.