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How we 'auditioned' for new prostate cancer research with the X factor

25 Aug 2016

BLOG: With over 60 applicants from scientists all over the UK for our first ever Research Innovation Awards, Deputy Director of Research Dr Matthew Hobbs explains the pressures and difficulties of deciding which projects to give the £2.6million of funding and why he hopes to do even better next year.

Two new research grants hope to make liquid biopsies a clinical reality

17 Aug 2016

Two research projects, using cutting-edge liquid biopsy technology to help improve diagnosis and treatment of men with prostate cancer, have been awarded funds by Prostate Cancer UK with the hope they'll used with real patients in the near future.

How liquid biopsies are helping us read the 'crime scene' of prostate cancer

17 Aug 2016

BLOG: With our new grants for research into the uses of liquid biopsies, Dr Sophie Lutter explains why they allow scientists to read clues about how a prostate cancer responds to treatment, and how they could revolutionise the way men are diagnosed and monitored with the disease.

"Thoughts of driving these iconic cars again spurred me on my recovery"

17 Aug 2016

Founder of the international E-type Club, Philip Porter, talks about his own brush with prostate cancer and why he’s hoping the Round Britain Coastal Drive he's helped organise in September will raise awareness of the disease among a high-risk group of men.

Campaign cuts through red tape to get men with prostate cancer in Wales access to benefits of earlier chemotherapy

15 Aug 2016

Eligible men in Wales with newly diagnosed advanced prostate cancer will now be offered earlier access to docetaxel chemotherapy alongside hormone therapy. Combining these treatments has been shown to offer these men the possibility of an extra fifteen months of life on average.

How the Rose of Lancaster became our favourite local

10 Aug 2016

This year we're on the lookout for our favourite local, and in Oldham we've already got a pub high on the list of our all-time favourites. Pub manager at the Rose of Lancaster, Ant Wilkins, explains how their ever popular "Predict the Scores" game is proving popular with locals in the fight against prostate cancer.

Driving conversations about prostate cancer across the UK

8 Aug 2016

Awareness speaker, Phil Ormesher, will be taking part in the inaugural Jaguar E-type Round Britain Coastal Drive, joining the route for the Blackpool-to-Carlisle leg. We caught up with him to find out why he decided to take part and how he hopes the rally will drive conversation about prostate cancer among the over 50s.

The football family unites against prostate cancer for the new season

4 Aug 2016

As we kick off the new season and continue our successful partnership with the EFL, we look over the many relationships with clubs, managers and fans that have helped change the game for men with prostate cancer.

Saving tattooed face: how a football fan's joke tweet raised hundreds to fight prostate cancer

3 Aug 2016

Leyton Orient fan Matt Simpson narrowly avoided tattooing his own face by pledging to donate £20 to Prostate Cancer UK every time the mighty O’s kept a clean sheet last season. He describes how he defied the tweeting masses, saved face and raised money for a great cause.