Organise a walk

Short walks, long walks, tough walks or a walk in the park. Whatever type of walk suits you!

Organise a ride

Join us in the saddle: organise your own cycling challenge, and we'll be there to lend a hand.

Run for us

If you already have a place in a running event, use it to join the fight against prostate cancer. Sign up here!

Donate your day

Celebrating a wedding, birthday or anniversary? We can help you make it even more special.

Wolfie Adams Prostate Cancer UK


We can help you raise money and awareness while doing something that you love: playing darts.

Tea for Victory

Brew & Bake

Put on a brew, get baking and help beat the most common cancer in men.

We're hosting a quiz for men united

Host a quiz

Question 1: What’s a great way to get friends together and raise money for Prostate Cancer UK?

The Men United Arms

Pubs across the land are helping us beat prostate cancer. Yours can, too!

Get golfing

From golf days to challenges and captaincy support, we've got what you need.

Burn rubber

Petrolheads, rally fans and classic car enthusiasts: help us put the brakes on this disease.

Clubs and groups

Universities, clubs, hobby groups, knitting circles - if you're doing something together, we can help.

Skydiving man of men


The fastest way to cover 10,000 feet in one day. Sign up and take the plunge!

Something else?

Got other plans, or want to talk about it? We'd love to help!

Do #Shirt2Work

Show your club colours at work, and help tackle one of the toughest opponents a man can face.