Rod Wiltshire and Dale Rominger portrait during the Campaigning Day 2014 at the Houses of Parliament Westminster

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Quality Checklist

Our Quality Checklist helps make good care a reality for all men with prostate cancer.

Getting the diagnostic pathway right

We want men to know whether to have a PSA test, at what age they should have a test if they want one, and then how often to repeat it.

Sorting side effects: better support for erection problems

Erectile dysfunction affects a lot of men after prostate cancer treatment. Unfortunately, men don’t always get the support they need to deal with this distressing side effect. We're working on that.

Peter Ford, Dale Rominger, Rob Banner and Hugh Gunn with the NICE enzalutamide petition

Getting men the treatments they need

All too often men with prostate cancer are being denied access to new and innovative drugs and treatments. We're working to change this.

Get involved

Our campaigners use their personal experience of prostate cancer to influence politicians to bring about positive change. We need your help to raise awareness and improve prostate cancer care and services.

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Information and Support

What we think

We use our evidence-based policy positions to inform our campaigning work.

Consultation responses

We respond to public consultations relating to prostate cancer care using our policy positions. We aim to inform and influence policy development to improve prostate cancer services and care.