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Cabazitaxel decision in Scotland finally ends UK variation in NHS drug access

12 Dec 2016

Today's Scottish green light for the chemotherapy drug means the same key treatments for advanced prostate cancer are now routinely available to eligible men in all the home nations.

Radium-223 now available before chemotherapy for men in England and Wales following NICE reappraisal

2 Sep 2016

Men living in the two home nations with prostate cancer that's spread to the bones will now be able to access the life-enhancing treatment on the NHS if they're unable to have chemotherapy, thanks to reversal of a decision in 2015.

Campaign cuts through red tape to get men with prostate cancer in Wales access to benefits of earlier chemotherapy

15 Aug 2016

Eligible men in Wales with newly diagnosed advanced prostate cancer will now be offered earlier access to docetaxel chemotherapy alongside hormone therapy. Combining these treatments has been shown to offer these men the possibility of an extra fifteen months of life on average.

Cancer Drugs Fund reforms aim to give patients faster access to new treatments but underlying problems remain

29 Jul 2016

After months of consultation and negotiation, the proposed changes to the Cancer Drugs Fund come into effect. But do they go far enough for men with prostate cancer?

Degarelix approved for men in England whose cancer has spread to the spine

1 Jul 2016

Today’s approval of the hormone therapy, degarelix, by NICE expands on the decision made in 2014 to make it only available to those men who have already developed the symptoms of spinal cord compression. Now, men whose prostate cancer has spread to their spine and who could be at risk of this condition can also access this treatment.

Cabazitaxel chemotherapy rejected once again in Scotland, leaving Scotsmen at a disadvantage

13 Jun 2016

Cabazitaxel chemotherapy has been rejected by the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) for routine use on the NHS in Scotland, it has been announced today.

Cabazitaxel chemotherapy to be routinely available in England and Wales

22 Apr 2016

NICE's welcome decision follows a reappraisal involving new data and a price cut by the drug's manufacturer, but lengthy negotiations should be avoided in future.

Earlier abiraterone finally approved for men in England and Wales

21 Mar 2016

Following 18 months of lobbying NICE and the drug's manufacturer, abiraterone will now be made routinely available on the NHS to men with prostate cancer - whether or not they've had chemotherapy.

Enzalutamide ‘win’ for men in Scotland

7 Mar 2016

Treatment for advanced prostate cancer approved for use in Scotland for men who have not yet had chemotherapy.

Cancer Drugs Fund reform: back to the future?

11 Feb 2016

BLOG: Our Director of Support and Influencing, Heather Blake, explains why NHS England's proposed reforms to the Cancer Drugs Fund put them in a financial standoff with Big Pharma, while men with prostate cancer are caught in the middle.