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'Ten years to tame prostate cancer':

New chairman rides into Prostate Cancer UK hailing "exciting times ahead"

15 Mar 2017

Charles Packshaw joins us to head up our Board of Trustees after a 30-year career in the City of London. He tells us why the appointment means so much to him personally and how he intends to break his PB at his next cycling fundraiser for us.

Progress and promise in a fast-moving year since the launch of our life-saving strategy

3 Mar 2017

BLOG: It's been 12 months since we launched our ambitious plan to halve prostate cancer deaths in a decade, and we’ve already taken some huge steps towards our goal. Our chief executive, Angela Culhane, reflects on the progress we’ve made and the exciting work still to come.

Researchers discover new genetic signature for aggressive prostate cancer

1 Mar 2017

We welcome today's reports of a new test by scientists at the University of East Anglia to determine whether a prostate cancer is aggressive or not, but the tell-tale pattern of 45 specific genes hasn't yet been proven to work for all men.

Famous faces front taboo-busting billboard campaign urging black men to know their risk

16 Jan 2017

Boxer David Haye, Chuka Umunna MP and Olympic medallist Linford Christie are among the black celebrities leading the charge in a major new awareness drive by Prostate Cancer UK to alert black men about their increased risk of the most common cancer in men.

What a difference a year in research makes

29 Dec 2016

BLOG: We're only 12 months into our ten-year strategy to tame prostate cancer, but that doesn't mean we haven't already made exciting progress. Our resident expert, Dr Ian Le Guillou, gives us his top ten biggest research breakthroughs (in no particular order) from 2016.

New PhD researchers will crunch big data to help fight against prostate cancer

23 Nov 2016

With the support of the Movember Foundation, we're funding four PhD students in the crucial field of bioinformatics, using big data to help accelerate our understanding and treatment of prostate cancer.

Millions awarded to brightest research ideas to tackle prostate cancer

25 Aug 2016

From stem cells to bacterial infections, our £2.6 million Research Innovation Awards will fund eight potentially game-changing research projects into our understanding and treatment of prostate cancer to help us meet our ambitious aim of taming the disease within a decade.

Ten years to tame prostate cancer 4: Better support

31 Mar 2016

BLOG: In the fourth part of her series on our new strategy, Sophie Lutter explains why support for today is as much a priority as planning for tomorrow.

Ten years to tame prostate cancer: Better prevention

25 Mar 2016

BLOG: In the third part of her blog about our ambitious plan to tame prostate cancer in ten years, Sophie Lutter outlines the reasons behind our prevention strategy.

Ten years to tame prostate cancer: Better treatment

18 Mar 2016

BLOG: In the second part of her blog about our new strategy, Sophie Lutter discusses what we'll be doing on clinical trials and advanced prostate cancer.