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Cancer Drugs Fund Reform: Back to the Future?

11 Feb 2016

BLOG: Our Director of Support and Influencing, Heather Blake, explains why NHS England's proposed reforms to the Cancer Drugs Fund put them in a financial standoff with Big Pharma, while men with prostate cancer are caught in the middle.

Read all about it in The Male: Britain's number 1 charity sports tabloid

10 Feb 2016

To celebrate Jeff Stelling's gargantuan walking feat in March we've released a special edition of The Male - Britain's number 1 charity sports tabloid.

Kurt Jewson: the selfless selfie that raised mass awareness of prostate cancer

3 Feb 2016

With the overwhelming public response to Kurt Jewson's Facebook photo following prostate cancer treatment, we explain the rarity of the disease in men under 50 and why the symptoms are so difficult to spot.

Stacey Little signs for Men United

3 Feb 2016

Stacey Little has signed up for our annual Football to Amsterdam bike ride. Find out why...

Second wave of landmark prostate cancer survey brings total to 60,000

29 Jan 2016

Look out for your survey in the post and help shape the future of prostate cancer care in the UK.

NICE confirms decision on radium-223 that divides UK on treatment

27 Jan 2016

Men in England and Wales with hormone-resistant prostate cancer spread to the bones will continue to only receive radium-223 if they haven't yet had chemotherapy, unlike their counterparts in Scotland.

NHS England approves upfront docetaxel for advanced prostate cancer

24 Jan 2016

Today's announcement means men with newly diagnosed advanced prostate cancer in England will now be offered immediate access to chemotherapy that could extend their lives by an average of 15 months.

"I'm a one-team man" - Jeff Stelling's love of Hartlepool United

21 Jan 2016

The route of Jeff Stelling's Men United March will take his beloved Hartlepool United to Wembley, a place their fans have never been. But why is Hartlepool so special to Jeff?

Fatal attraction: new research reveals link between obesity and cancer progression

14 Jan 2016

French scientists have discovered how fat cells and cancer cells attract each other, causing aggressive tumours to spread beyond the prostate.