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Meet all our Football League promotion heroes!

27 May 2016

We've been difficult to ignore across the Football League this season, and that's in large part thanks to our superhero fans and clubs up and down the land. So with the Play Off Finals deciding teams' promotion fates this weekend, we're proudly promoting our own team – Men United – and all those helping to fight prostate cancer in each of the lower tiers of English football.

“Four months after my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was too”

26 May 2016

Despite being just 45 and showing no symptoms, Andy Clarke was diagnosed with prostate cancer shortly after learning his father had the disease. He tells us how his wife and young sons reacted to the news and why being part of Men United is so important to him.

Why NICE's flexibility is key to the survival of men like Kevin

24 May 2016

BLOG: While NICE and NHS England plan the transition of the Cancer Drugs Fund to a new funding and appraisal process, Heather Blake – our Director of Support and Influencing – is reminded of the men with prostate cancer who are are losing out in the meantime.

"My dad never got the chance to meet his granddaughter"

18 May 2016

Before his death from prostate cancer, Phil Griffith's dad encouraged all five of his sons to get a PSA test. Now with a young son of his own to worry about, Phil wants no black man to ignore their increased risk of the disease.

"After relationships with two men with prostate cancer, I’ve got to make more people aware of this killer"

12 May 2016

When Vivien Pipe lost her husband to prostate cancer, she knew this was a disease she couldn’t ignore. Then when her current partner was also diagnosed, it reinforced her passion to raise awareness. Now she works as a Patients as Educators speaker, telling her powerful story to help others.

Jeff's March documentary can save lives says its Sky Sports maker

11 May 2016

Ahead of tonight's first screening of 'Stelling’s March to the Arch' (Sky Sports 1, 10:30pm), we spoke to the documentary's maker, Johnny Phillips, about why he wanted to film the 262-mile Men United March and the unforgettable impact the challenge had on Jeff.

Prostate cancer researchers take on barking-mad fundraising walk

6 May 2016

Twelve scientists from our Manchester Centre of Excellence hope to enter the Ancient Order of Barking Dogs after completing the 43-mile Keswick 2 Barrow Walk this week. Their team leader and a three-time veteran of the event, Darren Roberts, tells us why they’re doing it.

“If I hadn’t acted quickly, my two-year prognosis would be even shorter”

5 May 2016

In the 18 months since he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, Kevin Webber has raised more than £30k for us through sponsored running events. He describes how doing the epic, trans-Saharan Marathon de Sables last month kept him happily distracted from his prognosis, and why his wife is urging him to do it again next year.

Listening, adjusting and alerting: how one of our nurses helps dying men to live

29 Apr 2016

Funded by us, Lucy Baker works as a Specialist Prostate Cancer Palliative Care Nurse supporting men in their final year of life. Here she describes how her role helped three men deal with the pain, anxiety and immobility of their disease.