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“I’ve made true friends through having this cancer – friends I wish I'd known for years."

29 Jan 2015

BLOG: Blogger Nick Wright talks to George Hardy about the friendships he's made through our online community and the glue that holds them together.

We survived deportation, food poisoning and angry gun-wielding maniacs

22 Jan 2015

The road from London to Hong Kong has been full of surprises for best mates Laurence and Nick.

Liverpool fan David Morrissey: how I became best mates with an Evertonian

21 Jan 2015

The Walking Dead star David Morrissey has been friends with fellow Scouse actor Ian Hart for more than 30 years. Here, he talks about how a shared love of the Beatles and acting helped them overcome their footballing rivalries…

Five ways to fool your mates into thinking you’re a Super League statto

21 Jan 2015

You may not be an aficionado of rugby league, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ace your mates with a few key insights. Leeds Rhinos skipper Kevin Sinfield tells you everything you need to know about the upcoming season, which starts on 5 February…

The Manual: Tips to help you deal with the financial pressures of prostate cancer

20 Jan 2015

Whatever your situation, January can often be a time to tighten your belt after the Christmas splurge. But if you’ve got prostate cancer, you may have other practical and financial worries that add to the pressure. Here, our Health Information team answer your questions about the financial impact of prostate cancer.

How does groundbreaking research become reality for men? We look into clinical trials.

20 Jan 2015

We know it can take scientists years of hard work to make big breakthroughs. But what happens once they have? In this in-depth special feature Sophie Lutter examines a crucial stage in the process of developing new treatments, which patients are a vital part of – the clinical trial.

Prostate cancer and me: Clinical trials

20 Jan 2015

Many men contact us to find out about clinical trials for new prostate cancer treatments and to get information about taking part. Chris Dobbs and Ian Liston have both been involved in clinical trials – find out what it was like for them.