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What a difference a year makes: Find out what happened next to our superhumans by the sea

21 Apr 2015

BLOG: This guest blog comes from 50-year-old Kevin Webber. If you read our first article about Kevin, you’ll definitely want to know what happened next in his mind-blowing quest to run, walk or crawl the Brighton Marathon 14 weeks into chemotherapy. It’s race day.

Leyton Orient Legends v Men United, 3pm KO, Sunday 31 May 2015

17 Apr 2015

Harry Redknapp is back in management - with Men United. On Sunday 31 May, his team, aided and abetted by Russell Brand, take on a Leyton Orient Legends team managed by former O's favourite Martin Ling.

Dogs that sniff out prostate cancer: barking mad or a whiff of truth?

16 Apr 2015

BLOG: We take a look at the research behind the recent headlines on dogs detecting prostate cancer with their noses, and ask if we’re on the scent of something promising, or barking up the wrong tree?

What Fulham fans know

10 Apr 2015

Ahead of the Fulham FC - Wigan Athletic game on Friday 10 April, we asked Fulham fans what they knew about prostate cancer and our cause. Here are the results.

Loss of EastEnders’ Stan tonight sounds harsh reminder

10 Apr 2015

Like most families, especially those in EastEnders, the Carters have had their ups and downs. But tonight they’ll need to pull together to deal with the tragic loss of father, grandfather and head of the family, Stan. And the tragedy is that this hard hitting TV storyline is happening for real all over the country.

"A year ago I said I'd never stick needles into my pride and joy, now I say bring 'em on"

8 Apr 2015

BLOG: In this guest blog, Jim Peters, a veteran prostate cancer blogger, talks openly about his first experience of using injections to help him get an erection after prostate cancer surgery. Be prepared for graphic detail.

We’re not embarrassed to talk about erections – and you shouldn’t be either

2 Apr 2015

BLOG: Guest blog from Campaigns Manager, Alexis Wieroniey. She’s leading a project to make sure men with problems getting or keeping an erection after treatment get the support they need.