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Owen Sharp steps down as Chief Executive of Prostate Cancer UK

23 Jul 2015

Chief Executive Owen Sharp is leaving Prostate Cancer UK after four and a half years at the helm.

On tour for the 1 in 4

23 Jul 2015

BLOG: This summer Prostate Cancer UK is going on tour to reach Black men and make more people aware of the higher risk of prostate cancer. Nick Wright investigates why, what we're going to do and how you can get involved.

The Manual: Getting active – your questions answered

21 Jul 2015

We’ve all heard that exercise is good for us, but what do we actually know about the links between physical activity and prostate cancer? And how can we fit exercise in to our own daily lives?

Prostate cancer and me: Ade Akinbiyi

17 Jul 2015

A lot of money has changed hands for footballer Ade (Adeola) Akinbiyi. He’s played in the premiership for Leicester and Crystal Palace and internationally for his parents’ native Nigeria. In January 2014, Ade, now 40 and working as a Sports Consultant, lost his father. He was devastated, and it wasn’t until later he found out he’d died of prostate cancer. His dad had kept it to himself. Ade talks about this huge shock, how it’s changed his life and how he feels about his own risk of prostate cancer. Ade is married, with three children and lives in Manchester.

Prostate cancer in your genes: what can genetic testing tell us?

16 Jul 2015

BLOG: New advances in genetic medicine have been hitting the headlines a lot recently. And debates around the pros and cons of genetic testing, and what that could mean for preventing disease and creating personalised treatments have spiked this year. Sophie Lutter explores the ins and outs of genetic testing for prostate cancer, and what it might mean for men and their families, in terms of improving treatment and identifying those at risk.

Parliamentary Football Team presents £10K to Prostate Cancer UK

14 Jul 2015

The UK Parliamentary FC took on Prostate Cancer UK’s Men United XI at Fulham’s Motspur Park training ground.

Keyline on Song Ahead of Musical Themed Car Rally

19 Jun 2015

Keyline has organised an annual car rally to different destinations across Europe since 2010 and this promises to be the best yet. During the last five years we have raised an incredible £1 Million for Prostate Cancer UK.