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From Daleks by the river to superhumans by the sea

26 Mar 2015

Running fanatics Kevin and Jim used to get mistaken for science fiction characters on their late-night training runs for the Brighton marathon. Then came some devastating news that would change – but definitely not weaken – their motivation to reach the finish line

Over 30,000 men in the UK living with advanced, incurable prostate cancer

25 Mar 2015

A report released last week by Macmillan Cancer Care has highlighted that 30,000 men in the UK are living with advanced, incurable prostate cancer.

Men United report from the Prostate Cancer UK stadium

25 Mar 2015

Football League history was made on Tuesday, 24 March when Luton Town Football Club and Men United teamed up at the Prostate Cancer UK Stadium. Here's our alternative match report.

Pre-match build up: Luton Town v Wycombe Wanderers

23 Mar 2015

John Still insists it will be a privilege to lead Luton Town in the Prostate Cancer UK Stadium tomorrow evening.

Tweet Dreams are Made of This

20 Mar 2015

From contemplating missing Nottingham Forest’s last home game with Middlesbrough to meeting his heroes on the hallowed turf at The City Ground, John Burton won’t forget the game in a hurry.

Never ever look at a situation and think it's not achievable

20 Mar 2015

Dean Smith is used to delivering many an inspiring word as manager of Walsall, but his most significant remains to old friend Errol McKellar, prior to his fight against prostate cancer.

Cancer immunotherapy: like property or the best trends in fashion, we invested early. Now it’s one of the hottest topics in cancer research.

19 Mar 2015

BLOG: Sophie Lutter follows up our feature on immunotherapy, an exciting new area of cancer research, with a run down of the research we're supporting into immunotherapy for prostate cancer.