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We answer your questions on exciting results from STAMPEDE trial

26 May 2015

We know the exciting results released last week from the STAMPEDE trial have raised lots of questions for men with advanced prostate cancer. So here we try to address some of these. The results showed that giving chemotherapy earlier, at the same time as hormone therapy, to men whose prostate cancer has spread beyond the prostate and the surrounding area, can help keep them alive for longer.

Could it be Magic in Newcastle? Of course it could

26 May 2015

We're off to Magic Weekend in Newcastle, and here's what we've got on. If you and your mates are around, we'd love you to join us.

Run like the wind with Colin Jackson’s top tips

26 May 2015

If you want to get fitter but you’re not sure where to start, who better to turn to than three time world champion Colin Jackson.

Mo growers help us put £2 million into innovative prostate cancer research projects

22 May 2015

This month, together with the Movember Foundation, we’re announcing over £2 million of funding for innovative and exciting research projects that we believe will one day help improve the lives of men with prostate cancer. These awards aim to help get established and promising projects get over the line and give scientists with innovative ideas a head start. Find out more.

Research spending is far more than just splashing the cash

14 May 2015

BLOG: Once you get past the dreams of holidays in the sun, fast cars and owning more than just a shoebox flat in London, it’s really not that easy to spend over two million pounds – the amount we will soon be putting into exciting new research. Blogger Sophie Lutter explains the long and winding road that applications for research funding have to travel before they see any cash.

"I'd grown up with cancer in my it wasn't a word that necessarily scared me"

14 May 2015

When Robin Stanton-Gleaves was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 46, it was the potential impact of treatment on his sex life that he found the most traumatic. Robin talks candidly about what he did to get erections back after prostate cancer surgery and how his experience inspired him to create a prostate roadshow to tell his mainly male workforce about the disease. Read his story.

"Me, on the Wembley pitch? What an honour."

14 May 2015

Today’s guest of honour, Gerwyn Rees, is doing everything he can to support Men United in its quest to fight prostate cancer.