Researcher - Professor George Lewith
Institution - University of Southampton
Grant award - £230,892.00
Reference - PG14-023

In a nutshell

This project aims to test the practicality of offering group and internet based support to men with prostate cancer on active surveillance. The researchers hope this will reduce anxiety, so fewer men will choose to have unnecessary surgery.

Why we funded it

A large proportion of men on active surveillance (AS) experience significant anxiety and distress. It is thought that as a result of this, a quarter of men on AS choose to have surgery, even though their cancer has not progressed, which puts them at risk of long term physical side effects like erection problems, incontinence and bowel problems – all of which may cause them further distress. This project will provide men with support and access to resources to better manage their anxiety and distress, which hopefully will in turn reduce the number of men on AS opting for surgery.