Researcher - Professor Elizabeth Grunfeld
Institution - Coventry University
Grant award - £505,853.00
Reference - PG14-016


In a nutshell

The researchers will investigate what factors are associated with either increased risk, or prevention, of a decline in thinking skills among men receiving hormone therapy.

Why we funded it

Some men receiving Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT; also called hormone therapy) report a decline in their thinking skills (eg.memory). But some men may experience more of a change than others. This suggests that there may be factors that make some men more, or less, at risk of a drop in thinking skills after ADT than others. These researchers aim to identify these factors so that men can be given evidence based information before making treatment decisions around hormone therapy. Population based studies like this will give us knew information that might help in developing interventions to manage the side-effects of treatment.