Understanding how to improve the lives of men living with prostate cancer

In a nutshell

A study of the experiences of over 3500 men after their treatment for prostate cancer. The researchers will look for factors that help men live better after prostate cancer treatment  and identify groups who might benefit from more support.

Why we funded it

More and more men are living longer after prostate cancer treatment but we don’t really understand their needs. The researchers have already carried out questionnaires and interviews with many prostate cancer survivors and this grant will provide the funds to fully evaluate this valuable set of data.

The work will help to identify the factors than mean a man has a good quality of life after prostate cancer treatment. This will help with the design of support services and policies aimed at helping men live better after prostate cancer.

Grant information

Researcher - Dr Anna Gavin
Institution - Queen's University Belfast
Grant award - £109,148
Duration - 2014-2015
Reference - NI13-001 Gavin