Grants Advisory Panel 2016

Prostate Cancer UK strongly supports the involvement of people affected by prostate cancer in our research funding activities. That's why in 2013 we established a panel of people affected by prostate cancer (called the Grants Advisory Panel) to tell us which research projects are important to those most affected by the disease. We recruited 14 men and women to this newly formed panel, which met for the first time in September 2013 - you can read more about this here.

The Grants Advisory Panel is responsible for reviewing and discussing the lay summaries of research grant applications submitted to Prostate Cancer UK and representing the views of people living with prostate cancer to our Research Advisory Committee, thereby influencing the funding decisions made.

Involving a greater number of people with first-hand experience of prostate cancer meeting as a formal Grants Advisory Panel will enable a wide range of opinions to be presented, ensuring that research funded by Prostate Cancer UK is sharply focused on the needs of men affected by the disease.

- Mr Robert Oldroyd - Grants Advisory Panel member

What does the Grants Advisory Panel do?

Members of the panel:

  • Read lay summaries of research grant applications and discuss them with other members of the Grants Advisory Panel
  • Tell us how important the proposed research is to people living with prostate cancer
  • Represent the views of a broad range of people living with prostate cancer
  • Present the views of this group to the Research Advisory Committee
  • Help us make sure that the opinions of those affected by prostate cancer are central to the funding decisions we make, and help us promote patient and public involvement in research activities.

For further information on the activities of this panel, as well as the particular criteria we look for, please refer to the terms of reference and role description.

The submission period for new applications to join the Grants Advisory Panel is now closed.  For further information about other volunteering opportunities, please visit the Get involved section of our website.