Thank you!

Thank you to all who took part in our Research Revealed photo competition! We had an impressive 23 entries and the judges were very impressed with the quality of the submissions so congratulations to everyone who took part!

The 6 judges included our CEO, members of our Design, Research and Communication Teams, a trustee of the charity and a published photographer. We also asked everyone at our London and Glasgow offices to vote on their favourite images. We have had lots of amazing feedback on the quality of the pictures and how difficult the judging had been!

The entries this year were excellent – it made judging difficult but gives us plenty of images to help explain the crucial work our researchers do with the funding we provide thanks to our generous supporters.

- Matthew Hobbs, Director of Research


The winners of each category won £100 and entry into the ‘The People’s Choice' competition.

A day in the life

We asked our you to show us what life as a researcher is really like.

One of the most productive members of our team is Daniel Craig, our BOND-MAX automated slide staining machine. Daniel is not very talkative, but he can stain thirty prostate cancer microscope slides at a time, and his accuracy and reproducibility are much better than the rest of ours! Much of our biomarker development work is supported by Daniel, so we’re very grateful for his help.

Congratulations to Susan Heavey from University College London with this winning image and caption for "A day in the life..."

Research in focus

We asked for real images from your research, to show how beautiful science can be

Mesenchymal stem cells (red) sneak like a commando unit into a tumour to deal with cancer cells (blue).

Congratulations to Andrea Mohr from University of Essex, the winner of "Research in focus".

The art of science

We wanted you to let your imagination run wild and explore how science can become art

Stem cell supernova, Mesenchymal stem cells labelled in red are invading a tumour to kill cancer cells, shown in blue.

Congratulations to Andrea Mohr from University of Essex for winning "The art of science".

The people's choice

Congratulations to Andrea Mohr from University of Essex for winning ‘The People’s Choice' with the winning 'The art of science' image

The images shortlisted for the ‘The People’s Choice' were posted onto our Facebook page where our supporters voted for their favourite through liking the photo. The researcher who submitted the most liked image is invited to a Prostate Cancer UK Research Advisory Committee  - a fantastic opportunity for the winner to experience how funding decisions are made.