They say “a picture is worth 1000 words”. We wanted you to get creative, and find the images that encapsulates the ground-breaking work you do. The images will help our supporters engage with research in a way they never have before, and give you a platform to tell the world why your work matters.

Previously, images have been used to help showcase our research at fundraising events, direct marketing appeals, and on our website. 

Thank you!

Thank you to all who took part in our Research Revealed photo competition! We had a staggering 49 entries and the judges were very impressed with the quality of the submissions so congratulations to everyone who took part!

The 6 judges included our CEO, members of our Design, Research and Communication Teams, a trustee of the charity and a published photographer. We also asked everyone at our London and Glasgow offices to vote on their favourite images too, becoming the all important 7th judge. We have had lots of amazing feedback on the quality of the pictures and how difficult the judging had been!

A great window into our varied research portfolio and the tools that our scientists need to carry out their life-saving research.

- Ruby Kell, Communications Officer (Research)


The winners of each category won £100 and entry into the ‘The People’s Choice' competition.

A day in the life

We asked our you to show us what life as a researcher is really like.

Winner: A day in the life

Half man / half smart phone. Sometimes we have access to state of the art equipment and sometimes we have a mobile phone and a bendy arm we bought from the internet.

Congratulations to Hayley Pye from University College London with this winning image and caption for "A day in the life..."

Research in focus

We asked for real images from your research, to show how beautiful science can be

Winner: Research in focus 

Microscope image of a microneedle patch loaded with nanoparticles for a prostate cancer vaccine. The microneedles are applied (painlessly) to the skin where they dissolve; releasing nanoparticles carrying a vaccine to immune cells in the skin. This can be used to trigger the immune system to recognise and attack prostate cancer cells, and we are working to develop this as a treatment for prostate cancer.

Congratulations to Emma McErlean from Queens University Belfast, the winner of "Research in focus".

The art of science

We wanted you to let your imagination run wild and explore how science can become art

A Cave in Hydrogels: Porous implantable peptide hydrogels for drug delivery.

Congratulations to Wafa Al-Jamal from Queens University Belfast for winning "The art of science".

The people's choice

To conduct our research on using nanoparticles to deliver new drugs to the prostate, Dr Ruiz-Estrada spends her days looking at a microscopic world.

Congratulations to Dr Wafa Al-Jamal from Queens University Belfast for winning ‘The People’s Choice'

The images shortlisted for the ‘The People’s Choice' were posted onto our Facebook page where our supporters voted for their favourite through liking the photo. The researcher who submitted the most liked image is invited to attend the Prostate Cancer UK Research Advisory Committee meeting in October - a fantastic opportunity for the winner to experience how funding decisions are made. 

Look out for more information on next years' Research Revealed in upcoming newsletters.