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Our ambition is to stop prostate cancer from killing thousands of men each year. Every man diagnosed with the disease should receive the most effective treatment for their cancer. To achieve this, we need to add new treatment options to our arsenal, and to be smarter with how and when we use these therapies to achieve maximum effect.

On 7 May 2019 we launched a funding call for proposals to investigate the immunology of prostate cancer, providing the framework for new immunotherapeutic approaches for treating prostate cancer. The specific remit for this call is detailed in the corresponding guidance notes.

The submission deadline was 12pm noon Monday 22 July 2019.

Why immunology and immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy has emerged as an exciting approach in the treatment of cancer, with benefits being seen in melanoma and blood cancers. However to date, clinical studies show a limited response to this approach in the treatment of prostate cancer due to reasons that are still not well understood.

Harnessing the immune system still holds huge potential for the treatment of prostate cancer and could provide better outcomes for men, increasing the length and quality of their lives, giving them valuable additional time with their loved ones.

In June 2018, we brought together leading researchers from across the world, from a variety of different disciplines, for a Frontier Meeting to discuss prostate cancer immunology and the future of immunotherapy in this field. The key outcome of the Frontier Meeting was the identification of the 5 most significant knowledge ‘gaps’, the addressing of which would accelerate progress and enable immunotherapy, in its various guises, to become a clinical reality for men with prostate cancer. Read our guidance notes for a detailed description of the 5 knowledge gaps we want to see addressed through this call. 

Application process

Applications must be made by the Principal Investigator using our online Grant Management System.  The funding call will consist of a single application stage.

  • Applications must address at least one of the 5 specified knowledge gaps. Please be sure to read the accompanying guidance notes for further details.
  • Submission deadline was 12pm noon on Monday 22 July 2019.
  • Applications received will first be validated by the Research Team at Prostate Cancer UK to ensure that they meet the basic eligibility criteria for this call. Proposals which do not meet the scope of this call will be rejected.
  • Applications will then be peer reviewed by at least three independent referees (in accordance with AMRC guidelines).
  • Rebuttals of peer reviewer comments must  be submitted  by 28 October 2019.
  • Following peer review, proposals will be assessed by representatives of our Research Advisory Committee and co-opted members with particular expertise needed to assess applications to this call.  

Final funding decisions will be made before the end of December 2019. All awards are subject to our standard terms and conditions. Please note that these terms are subject to change.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding your application, please contact the Research Team at Prostate Cancer UK via