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New funding opportunity launching in August 2019

Over the past decade, many clinical trials have and are taking place internationally which are changing the way prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated. Many of these trials have not only produced practice-changing results, but in addition have amassed large quantities of clinical data and patient samples which hold huge potential to help the research community investigate a number of unanswered questions. In addition, organisations such as Biobank UK and UK Clinical Research Collaboration have developed valuable resources to help researchers access patient data and samples to investigate the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of serious and life-threatening illnesses.

If the data and samples amassed through these clinical trials and other initiatives could be used to answer those questions, we may be able to significantly and quickly improve the way prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated.

This funding call is specifically for projects looking to utilise and interrogate existing patient samples and/or data from recently completed or ongoing prostate cancer clinical trials, or from other data/sample repositories. Capitalising on these existing resources, proposals must seek to answer new and innovative questions, which if addressed, could make a significant impact in the way prostate cancer is diagnosed or treated. This could be the in-depth analysis of trial databases, repositories of patient data, images and/or patient samples, to investigate new hypotheses that could, for instance, help identify responders/non-responders to particular therapies, or to discover biomarkers which may more accurately distinguish aggressive cancer from indolent disease etc.

For more information on eligibility and remit, please read our guidance notes

2019 Major Awards, Existing Trials: New Answers Guidance

Full details about this call will be released over the coming weeks, so please keep an eye out for further announcements.

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