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We don’t know exactly how prostate cancer causes fatigue. It’s likely that lots of different things contribute to fatigue in men who have prostate cancer.

Select what you think could have caused your fatigue to find out more.

Cancer can stop the normal cells in your body from working properly. This can change the way your body uses energy and can cause fatigue

All treatments for prostate cancer can cause fatigue. Your fatigue is likely to be worse if you have hormone therapy, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, or more than one treatment at the same time.

Feeling stressed or worried can cause fatigue. You might be worried about being diagnosed with cancer or about having treatment. Depression can also cause fatigue. If you’re having any of these feelings, talking to someone or getting some support can help.

Travelling to the hospital or GP surgery for treatments and check-ups can make your fatigue worse. It might help to plan to do less on days when you have appointments. Read more about planning your day.

Some problems that can be caused by advanced prostate cancer, such as pain or anaemia, can cause fatigue. Speak to your doctor about getting help for problems like these.

You might have pain caused by your prostate cancer or by another health problem. Pain can make your fatigue worse. Some pain-relieving drugs can also cause fatigue. Speak to your doctor to make sure you’re on the best pain-relieving drugs for you.

Some other health problems, such as kidney disease or arthritis, or the medicines for other health problems can cause fatigue. Speak to your doctor or nurse to get help for this.

Not sleeping well at night can make your fatigue worse. And having fatigue can make it harder to sleep well. You might have worries that keep you awake at night. Or you might wake up in the night because of symptoms of prostate cancer or side effects from your treatment, such as having a hot flush or needing to urinate. Read our top tips for a good night's sleep.

Being inactive can make your fatigue worse. It can also make it harder to sleep properly at night. You might not have a lot of energy so it can be difficult to be more active. But taking up regular physical activity during your treatment can improve your fatigue.

Other things may also use up your energy and make your fatigue worse – things like going to work, caring for other people, or meeting up with friends or family. It’s important to think about things like this, to see what could be making your fatigue worse.