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Select each image to read tips from other men on how to manage fatigue.

Plan your day

"Take your time – nothing really matters that much."

"Feel good about what you have achieved."

"Plan your day – only do what is essential and slowly build up what you can do over time and manage your expectations. If you can't finish a task today, do so tomorrow."

Make changes

"Cutting the grass takes over 2 hours now, it used to take 45 minutes. I’ve learned to cut the grass over three shifts and feel better for doing so."

"Have small frequent meals rather than larger heavy meals that make you sleepy."


"The thing is not to completely use up my energy. I deliberately stop and leave myself 30 to 40 per cent in the tank, to give better value for money for the energy I have."

"I am now coping with the fatigue by identifying things I really want to do, and then being mentally determined to do them."

Stay active

"Try a brisk walk in the fresh air if you are up to it."

"I always sleep better when I stay active."

"I found exercise the best thing to combat tiredness. It also motivates me, keeps my spirits up and stress levels down."

Balance activity and rest

"If you adapt to fatigue by always saving energy, you can get in a downward spiral. Sometimes it works to just push through it and live to fight another day."

"You have to be realistic but my motto is keep going."

"The fatigue makes me just want to lie down some days, but I push through it and make myself do some exercise. But I know my limits too."

Friends and family

"Tell people what you are going or have gone through."

"Welcome family and friends for company but only for a short while."

"I grudgingly agreed to let a friend do the supermarket shop. They got everything right. And put it all away. I used to drift around in a trance and come back with strange purchases, so this was a big help."